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IBM Midrange Storage Sales V3 exam

Question No: 11

A customer has an IBM Storwize V5020 and Microsoft Exchange wants to perform instant copies with the ability to restore individual data records.

Which items are needed to perform this save and restore?

  1. IBM Storwize V5020 with Global Mirror and FlashCopy

  2. IBM Storwize V5020 Spectrum Virtualize and IBM Spectrum Control

  3. IBM Storwize V5020 with FlashCopy andIBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot

  4. IBM Storwize V5020 with FlashCopy and IBM Spectrum Archive.

Answer: A

Question No: 12

A storage representative needs to size a block disk solution. The representative has been given a file containing the target workload and I/O characteristics and has been told the response time requirement.

Which tool should be run to produce a configurable solution?

  1. Capacity Magic Tool

  2. Disk Magic Tool

  3. Comprestimator utility

  4. STAT Tool

Answer: C

Question No: 13

What is the virtualization driver for block storage that enables OpenStack integration for IBM Storage?

  1. Nova

  2. Cinder

  3. Glance

  4. Quantum

Answer: B

Question No: 14

A customer struggles with a 24×7 business model and an ever-expanding virtual environment. It has a business commitment to back up everything.

Which solution should the customer implement?

  1. IBM A9000R

  2. IBM Cloud Object Storage System

  3. IBM Spectrum Accelerate

  4. IBM Spectrum Protect

Answer: D

Question No: 15

A customer has a requirement for a low cost tape library. The library must support reparation of library resources (tape drives and cartridge slots) for four different application servers.

Which tape library should the sales specialist recommend?

  1. IBM TS3200

  2. IBM TS4500

  3. IBM TS3500

  4. IBM TS3100

Answer: D

Question No: 16

What is the business benefit of an IBM SAN Volume Controller system using IBM Spectrum Virtualize software in comparison to a software-based storage virtualization running on servers?

  1. Support for file and block I/O

  2. Low total cost of ownership

  3. Superior stability in demanding environments

  4. Greater scalability

Answer: A

Question No: 17

A client with an existing TS3100 Tape Library with 2 x LTO4 drives and LTO4 cartridges wants to upgrade to LTO7.

Which solution allows gradual migration to LTO7 cartridges while being able to read all current data?

  1. Add 1 x LTO6 and LTO7 drive to the library

  2. Add 2 x LTO7 drives to the library

  3. Replace 2 x LTO4 drives with 2 x LTO7 drive

  4. Replace 2 x LTO4 drives with 1 x LTO6 drive and 1 x LTO7 drive

Answer: A

Question No: 18

A customer is experiencing insufficient performance of its 15 TB production database. The bottleneck has been identified as disk I/O performance. The database volumes are distributed optimally across 300 GB/15k rpm SAS disks on its existing IBM Storwize V7000.

What is the least expensive solution that is best suited to solve the database performance problem?

  1. Add NL-SAS drives to the IBM Storwize V7000 with Easy Tier

  2. Add an IBM StorwizeV5010 and move the database

  3. Add an IBM FlashSystem and virtualize behind the IBM Storwize V7000

  4. Add SSDs to the IBM Storwize V7000 and manage them with Easy Tier

Answer: C

Question No: 19

A customer currently relies on tapes for backup purposes and wants an alternative solution to improve the restore performance for critical data.

Which IBM solution should be suggested?

  1. IBM Protect TIER TS7620

  2. IBM Tivoli Tape Optimizer

  3. Additional IBM tape cartridges

  4. Dedicated IBM SAN switches

Answer: B

Question No: 20

Which two storage attributes are critical to provide the fastest time to insight as data volume and value continue to grow? (Choose two.)

  1. Access

  2. Scalability

  3. Efficiency

  4. Capacity

  5. Performance

Answer: A,C

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