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IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization Technical Sales Mastery Test v1

Question No: 21

A customer is enjoying great success modernizing their z/OS mainframe applications with the IBM Rational Developer for System z. They now want to extend these capabilities and processes to their AIX and IBM i applications. Which product best meets their needs?

  1. Application Developer for WebSphere Software

  2. Rational Developer for i for SOA Construction

  3. Rational Developer for Power Systems Software

  4. Rational Business Developer

Answer: C

Question No: 22

Which programming language is used in approximately 80 percent of legacy mainframe


  1. Visual Basic

  2. C/C

  3. COBOL

  4. Java

Answer: C

Question No: 23

An enterprise organization manages their mainframe application development separately from their projects on other platforms. Their processes and tools are disconnected, often resulting in delayed time to market. Which component of the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development provides a common infrastructure for source control and change management?

  1. Rational Developer for System z

  2. Rational Quality Manager

  3. Rational Requirements Composer

  4. Rational Team Concert

Answer: D

Question No: 24

An enterprise customer still runs many of its critical applications on COBOL. It takes days of planning and code reviews whenever they are forced to make changes. Which IBM Enterprise Modernization product can best help determine the impact of code changes more quickly and with less risk?

  1. IBM Rational Asset Analyzer

  2. IBM Rational Team Concert

  3. IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z

  4. IBM Rational Developer for System z

Answer: A

Question No: 25

What is the purpose of the CICS Service Component Architecture capabilities of IBM Rational Developer for System z?

  1. to develop of a comprehensive web service that collects and processes data from multiple sources

  2. to offload development MIPS from the production server to a virtual z/OS environment on an x86 Linux server

  3. to manage application components that provide a common programming interface for service invocation

  4. to support multi-platform development with common tools for z/OS, Windows, UNIX, and Linux

Answer: C

Question No: 26

Which two tasks can be performed from the Builds menu in the Rational Team Concert Web UI? (Choose two.)

  1. export a Build Report to PDF

  2. load balance enterprise build processes

  3. view the status of project build engines

  4. view the details of build definitions

Answer: C,D

Question No: 27

Which two Linux distributions are supported for installation of the IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z? (Choose two.)

  1. OpenSUSE

  2. Debian

  3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  4. Fedora

Answer: A,C

Question No: 28

What is ISPF in z/OS?

  1. batch application type

  2. development environment

  3. programming language

  4. data storage system

Answer: B

Question No: 29

What are two native capabilities of IBM Rational Asset Analyzer? (Choose two.)

  1. store application information in a centralized repository

  2. scan source code to identify security vulnerabilities

  3. reproduce application builds from past snapshots

  4. diagram asset relationships in an application

Answer: A,D

Question No: 30

A customer is having trouble managing the development of an application with tiered releases on both System z and Power Systems. Which component of the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development provides an integrated infrastructure for managing cross-platform projects?

  1. IBM Rational Developer for System z

  2. IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z

  3. IBM Rational Quality Manager

  4. IBM Rational Team Concert

Answer: D

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