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Juniper NetworksCertified Design Specialist, Data Center

Question No: 1

A customer wants to build a new data center based on the QFX3000-M. The data center must support 30 high traffic volume host servers. Each server will be dual connected to the fabric with two 40 Gbps links. The customer requires that there be a 1:1 subscription ratio within the fabric.

How should the QFX3000-M be configured to meet the customer’s requirements?

  1. Use four QFX5100-24Q Interconnect chassis to which each of30QFX35000 nodes will be dual connected with two 40 Gbps FTE links to eachQFX5100-24Q.

  2. Use four QFX3600-I Interconnect chassis to which each of eight QFX3600 nodes will be dual connected with two 40 Gbps FTE links to each QFX3600-I.

  3. Use eight QFX3600-I Interconnect chassis to which each of 16 QFX3600 nodes will be connected with a 40 Gbps FTE link to each QFX3600-I.

  4. Use four QFX3008-I Interconnect chassis to which each of 16 QFX3600 nodes will be dual connectedwith two 40 Gbps FTE links to each QFX3600-I.

Answer: A

Question No: 2

What are two benefits of using VXLAN overlays in a data center network? (Choose two.)

  1. It improves load balancing.

  2. It transports Layer 2 traffic over a Layer 3 network.

  3. It provides increased VLAN and MAC scalability.

  4. It provides traffic encryption.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 3

You must make certain that your server traffic is load balanced across redundant connections to your access layer in a traditional three-tier architecture. You must also ensure that an access switch failure does not affect reachability to your servers.

In this scenario, which action would you perform to complete this task?

  1. Use LAG and establish a connection to a single access switch that is a member of a Virtual Chassis.

  2. Use LAG and establish two connections to two different access switches.

  3. Use MC-LAG and establish a connection to two different access switches in the same Virtual Chassis.

  4. Use MC-LAG and establish a connection to two different access switches.

Answer: D

Question No: 4

Which control plane routing protocol provides the greatest scalability for a Clos IP fabric?

  1. OSPF

  2. MPLS

  3. BGP

  4. IS-IS

Answer: C

Question No: 5

Your customer asks you to design a Data Center Interconnect solution. The solution should allow each of the tenants to use 802.1q tagging without concern for possible overlap in VLAN tags.

Which two protocols would you use to meet the customer requirements? (Choose two.)

  1. EVPN

  2. MLDP

  3. VXLAN

  4. MSTP

Answer: A,C

Question No: 6

You are using IBGP with route reflection in your Clos IP fabric.

Which feature must you enable to allow the route reflector to advertise multiple versions of a route instead of only the best version?

  1. multipath

  2. multihop

  3. AS override


Answer: A Explanation:

BGP typically selects only one best path for each prefix and installs that route in the routing table. When BGP multipath is enabled, the device selects multiple equal-cost EBGP paths as the best paths to reach a given destination, and all these paths are installed in the routing table. BGP advertises only the active path to its neighbors. However, you can configure BGP to advertise multiple paths to the same destination for redundancy and load balancing.

Reference: http://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos14.1/topics/topic-map/bgp-


Question No: 7

You are about to deploy the Cloud Analytics Engine in your data center. However, some of the devices in your data center are not supported by the Cloud Analytics Engine.

In this scenario, which two actions would occur? (Choose two.)

  1. The QFX Series devices report more than the IP address and hop number.

  2. The EX Series devices report more than the IP address and hop number.

  3. The non-Junos devices report more than the IP address and hop number.

  4. The MX Series devices only report the IP address and hop number.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 8

Your customer is receiving inappropriate traffic from a rival corporation which is using a fixed block of IP addresses that they own. No legitimate traffic is exchanged between the two companies. You must secure the customer’s network from a potential attack by their rival corporation with the lowest performance impact.

Which network device will allow you to accomplish this task?

  1. edge switch

  2. perimeter router

  3. campus router

  4. perimeter firewall

Answer: B

Question No: 9

A customer’s data center is built with a QFX3000-G composed of four QFX3008-I Interconnects, four QFX5100-48S nodes in the network Node group, and 20 QFX5100-48S nodes spread in 10 redundant server Node groups. There are host systems (FCoE clients) scattered everywhere throughout the data center.

In this scenario, where should the FCoE-to-FC gateway(s) be placed?

  1. QFX3500s must be placed into the network Node group to provide a centralized FC-to- FCoE gateway.

  2. QFX3500s must be placed external to the QFX3000-G to provide an external FC-to- FCoE gateway.

  3. QFX3500s must be placed directly attached to the QFX3008-I Interconnects as a new Fibre Channel Nodegroupto provide a centralized FC-to-FCoE gateway.

  4. Every Node which has FCoE client servers must become its own FC-to-FCoE gateway to provide a distributed FC-to-FCoE gateway.

Answer: A

Question No: 10

What is an advantage of a Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) over a Clos IP fabric?

  1. A VCF has inherent control plane protocols.

  2. A VCF may be upgraded one individual component switch at a time.

  3. A VCF will have greater internal bandwidth than a Clos IP fabric.

  4. A VCF will scale to a larger size than a Clos IP fabric.

Answer: B

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