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Juniper NetworksCertified Design Specialist, Data Center

Question No: 21

The QFX5100 can be configured to be a virtual tunnel endpoint (VTEP) in your Clos IP fabric.

What is the importance of this capability?

  1. It allows the QFX5100 to perform the PE role of an EVPN.

  2. It allows attached bare metal servers to communicate using an overlay VXLAN network.

  3. It prevents the QFX5100 from learning the MAC addresses of an overlay network.

  4. It allows the QFX5100 to perform the PE role of a Layer 2 pseudowire.

Answer: B

Question No: 22

Clos architectures are based on which networktopology?

  1. ring

  2. VLANs

  3. hybrid

  4. spine and leaf

Answer: D

Question No: 23

You aredesigning anew data center and have been asked to provide a layout and plan to handle data center cooling.

In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

  1. You are required to have the same number of hot and cold aisles in your design.

  2. You are required to deliver cold air through the floor while hot air leaves though the ceiling.

  3. Cooling efficiency affects the amount of power consumed in your data center.

  4. You should alternate between hot and cold aisles in your design.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 24

A customer’s shared infrastructure is experiencing instability due to the number of routers that receive VPN routes and route updates originating from the data center.

Which BGP feature would minimize these updates?

  1. BGP route target filtering

  2. MP-BGP multihop


  4. BGP route reflection

Answer: D

Question No: 25

You want to provide Layer 2 connectivity to a backup data center or to a disaster recovery site.

What would you use to accomplish thistask?

  1. Data Center Interconnect

  2. network redundancy

  3. SDN

  4. SAN protocols

Answer: A

Question No: 26

In a Clos IP fabric, which advantage does EBGP signaling have between spine and leaf nodes over using IBGP?

  1. By default, EBGP supports multihop sessions between peers.

  2. When using EBGP between all members, a single advertised route will belearned by all members.

  3. EBGP does not require the configuration of next-hop self.

  4. A leaf node can have multiple EBGP sessions with a spine node.

Answer: B

Question No: 27

You are configuring a chassis cluster consisting of two SRX5800s in your data center. These two devices will be using redundant Ethernet interfaces.

In this scenario, which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)

  1. Redundant Ethernet interfaces are control plane links.

  2. Redundant Ethernet interfaces can operate at 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or 10 Gbps

  3. Redundant Ethernet interfaces support multiple VLANs.

  4. Redundant Ethernet interfaces support link aggregation groups.

  5. Redundant Ethernet interfacescan only use fiber-optic connections.

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 28

Which three statements describe a one-armed firewall deployment in a data center? (Choose three.)

  1. It requires at least two interfaces for ingress and egress.

  2. It may be virtualized or hardware based.

  3. It may be deployed in high availability mode.

  4. It requires that all traffic flows directly through the firewall.

  5. It requires a routing policy to determine which traffic passes through the firewall.

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 29

A customer with five data centers spread around the world uses MPLS L2VPNs to provide point-to-point Data Center Interconnects between them in a full-mesh network. Anticipating growth to 20 data centers, this solution will not reasonably scale to that requirement.

What are three advantages of using MPLS EVPN in this scenario? (Choose three.)

  1. EVPN-based interconnects provide for local proxy ARP/ND resolution.

  2. EVPN-based interconnects provide for MAC learning in the control plane.

  3. EVPN-based interconnects provide for static configuration that does not require a dynamic routing protocol.

  4. EVPN-based interconnects provide for point-to-multipoint connectivity.

  5. EVPN-based interconnects provide for lower transmission latency.

Answer: A,B,E

Reference: http://www.juniper.net/assets/us/en/local/pdf/whitepapers/2000596-en.pdf

Question No: 30

What are three Ethernet fabric architectures? (Choose three.)

  1. SDN

  2. Junos Fusion

  3. QFabric system

  4. Virtual Chassis Fabric

  5. Trill

Answer: B,C,D

Reference: http://www.juniper.net/us/en/products-services/switching/data-center-switching- architectures/

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