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IBM i Administration V1

Question No: 21

An administrator is recovering a single image system after a crash. The administrator has placed the latest SAVSYS into the external SAS TS2900 LTO tape drive and performed a D-Mode IPL.

Why is the system failing to find the SAVSYS media?

  1. The TS2900 is an alternate installation device and requires an l_BASE_01 DVD in the alternate IPL device.

  2. The TS2900 requires Alternate IPL Enablement feature to boot the SAVSYS.

  3. The l_BASE_01 DVD must be loaded up to SST before a SAS tape device is recognized.

  4. The TS2900 is an alternate IPL device but not an alternate installation device.

Answer: D

Question No: 22

An administrator is installing a release upgrade using the automatic process. The LIC, base OS, and all licensed program products have installed except for 5770-SS1 option 3

(Extended Base Directory Support).

What is necessary to complete the process and install 5770-SS1 option 3 assuming the system is still in a restricted state?

  1. Use the WRKPRB command and check for and correct any problems. Restart the install using the F8 key.

  2. Use the RSTLICPGM command specifying quot;SERVICE for the device type and choose 5770-SS1 option 3 from the list.

  3. Check QSYSOPR for a 5770-SS1 option 3 install messages Reply #39;C’ to continue.

  4. Rom the GO LICPGM menu, select the option to Install Licensed Programs. Install 5770-SS1 option 3l-o

Answer: D

Question No: 23

A programmer ran a database purge over files in LIB1 and deleted a large number of records.

An administrator now needs to remove the deleted records from files with the greatest number of deleted records

How can the administrator achieve this?

  1. 1) Login as QSECOFR start GO CLEANUP menu

    1. Explicitly set reorganization process for library LIB1 and set threshold to 50%.

    2. Start cleanup immediately.

  2. 1) Start Disk Reorganization for files with 50% of deleted records for LIB1 by submitting the command STRDSKRGZ FILE(LIB1/quot;ALL) DLTRCD(50).

  3. 1) Start Reorganize Physical File Member menu by command GO RGZPFM.

    1. Select option 1 Work with Reorganization.

    2. Select option 2 Reorganize a library

    3. Start reorganization for library LIB1 and type in 50 in the threshold parameter.


  1. Based on the result file, write a query that sorts files with the greatest number of deleted records.

  2. Write a CL program to read the query file and submit RGZPFM for the files.

Answer: C

Question No: 24

An administrator needs to perform an FTP transmission of a large quantity of bin files. How can the task be completed in the least number of steps?

  1. Run the FTP processes using a submitted CL program

  2. Place each FTP command in individual job schedule entries.

  3. Use save files rather than .bin images to improve TCP transfer efficiency.

  4. Submit multiple FTP jobs through an interface where Jumbo Frames are enabled.

Answer: B

Question No: 25

An administrator has noticed that the number of security audit journal receivers on the system is getting unmanageable.

How can the administrator adjust the journal to still capture and retain the required journal entries but generate fewer receivers?

  1. Change the security journal to delete journal receivers.

  2. Change the current journal receiver to a higher threshold value.

  3. Create a new security journal specifying the number of receivers to use.

  4. Create a new journal receiver setting the threshold to a higher value.

Answer: B

Question No: 26

What is an advantage of creating and using customized distribution media from the GO LICPGM menu to install licensed programs on multiple systems in a network?

  1. Object conversion for 鈥淎LLUSR is not needed when installed on a different partition.

  2. This can be done with no interruption to users and jobs on the system.

  3. Performing a post-save of a system after upgrading the OS is no longer necessary.

  4. All installed PTFs are already included with the selected licensed programs.

Answer: D

Question No: 27

An administrator needs to automatically terminate interactive user jobs when they are idle for more than 15 minutes

Which two system values should the administrator use to complete this task?

  1. QINACTITV (inactive job timeout) QJOBENDNFY (notify user on job end)

  2. QLMTDEVSSN (limit device sessions) QDEVSSNACN (device session end action)

  3. QDSCJOBITV (time interval before jobs are disconnected) QDSCJOBACN (disconnected job action)

  4. OINACTTTV (inactive job timeout) QINACTMSGQ (inactive job message queue)

Answer: D

Question No: 28

What are the steps to access the configuration for IBM i NetServer file and print shares?

  1. gt; Run the WRKNETSRV command

    gt; Take option 6. quot;work with object sharesquot;

  2. gt; Start the NETSRVCMD menu

    gt; Take option 6, quot;work with object sharesquot;

  3. gt; In the IBM Navigator for i window, select the system.

    gt; Expand Servers gt;TCP/IP,


    gt; Expand quot;shared objects#39;#39;

  4. gt; On a Windows PC, map a drive to the IBM i server root

gt; Open 鈥淢y Computer鈥漮n the PC

gt; Right click on the file shares on the resulting menu

gt; Select properties on the second resulting menu

Answer: C

Question No: 29

Which sequence of actions will ensure that private authorities are correctly assigned to the objects after restoring the operating system?

  1. Restore all the saved user profiles Run the RSTAUT command

    Restore all libraries, document library objects, and IFS

  2. Restore all libraries, document library objects, and IFS Restore all the saved user profiles

    Run the RSTAUT command

  3. Restore all the saved user profiles

    Restore all libraries, document library objects, and IFS Run the RSTAUT command

  4. Run the RSTAUT command Restore all saved user profiles

Restore all libraries, document library objects, and IFS

Answer: B

Question No: 30

An administrator wants to determine the remaining life of cache batteries in disk controllers. Where is this information presented?

  1. In SST, under Hardware Service Manager

  2. In the Work with Disk Status display

  3. In SST, under Work With Disk Units and Display Disk Configuration

  4. In IBM i Navigator, select Hardware and then Adapters

Answer: B

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