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IBM i Administration V1

Question No: 31

Programmers working on a software development project frequently need to save their development library (LIBX) at the prior release level of the operating system.

The administrator needs to change the default value of the SAVLIB command parameter to accommodate the programmers#39; prior release save requirement.

The default valuebefore the change: SAVLIB LIB(LIBX) TGTRLS (*CURRENT) The default value after the change. SAVLIB LIB(LIBX) TGTRLS (*PRV)

What should the administrator do to facilitate the change?

  1. Use the CHGCMDDFT command to change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

  2. Use the CHGSYSVAL command to set Force Conversion on Restore system value to XPRV.

  3. Use the WRKREGINF command to modify the exit point program QIBM_SAV_DEFAULT and change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

  4. Use the SAVRSTDFT command to change the TGTRLS parameter value to *PRV.

Answer: A

Question No: 32

The HMC is backed up in two different ways for different purposes. Which identifies the correct tasks and usage?

  1. 1) Backup Critical System data is used prior to a firmware update

    2) Save Upgrade Data is used for crash recovery purposes

  2. 1) Create Recoverable Image is used for crash recovery purposes

    2) Save Upgrade Data is used prior to a firmware update

  3. 1) Save Upgrade Data is used prior to a firmware update

    2) Back Up Management Console Data is used for crash recovery purposes

  4. 1) Back Up Profile Data is used prior to a firmware update

2) Create Recoverable Image is used for crash recovery purposes

Answer: D

Question No: 33

An installation has been running the production system with system value QSECURITY set to 30. Management has been advised by a security consultant to change the system value QSECURITY to 40.

What is the consequence of implementing this change?

  1. All user profiles will have special authority *ALLOBJ removed.

  2. A user ID and password will be required at sign-on.

  3. Programs will be limited to using IBM defined methods for accessing operating system capabilities and information.

  4. Library QTEMP becomes a permanent object that cannot be cleared as part of job end processing. The RCLSTG command will need to be run more often.

Answer: A

Question No: 34

An additional DNS server has been configured on the local network. Given the following menu:

1 Work with TCP/IP interfaces 2 Work with TCP/IP routes

  1. Change TCP/IP attributes

  2. Work with TCP/IP port restrictions

  3. Work with TCP/IP remote system information

  1. Work with TCP/IP host table entnes

  2. Merge TCP/IP host table

  3. Change TCP/IP domain information

20. Configure TCP/IP applications 21 Configure related tables

22. Configure point-to-point TCP/IP

Which action is necessary for the additional server to be used?

  1. Option 10

    Add the server to the host table entries and restart TCP

  2. Option 2

    Add a new route for the new DNS server

  3. Option 12

    Add the IP address for the DNS server and press Enter

  4. Option 22

Add a new Point-to-Point connection for the server

Answer: C

Question No: 35

An administrator needs to back up changes to a large physical file that is always exclusively locked by an application These changes need to be sent to another IBM i system.

Which option will allow the administrator to send the changes in the least amount of time?

  1. Use the SAVCHGOBJ command to save the file to a SAVF and FTP to the other system.

  2. Use local journaling to journal file changes and save them to the other system.

  3. Use remote journaling to journal file changes to the other system.

  4. Use the SAVLIB command to save the file to a SAVF and FTP to the other system.

Answer: C

Question No: 36

Which parameter of the RSTOBJ command can improve the efficiency of a restore operation when restoring individual objects from a tape that contains a full system save?

  1. LABEL (Label)

  2. SEQNBR (Sequence number)

  3. FRCOBJCNV (Force object conversion)

  4. FSTRST {Fast restore)

Answer: A

Question No: 37

A CL program that runs after an IPL must complete and errors will be researched at a later time. How can all CPF massages be acknowledged so the program continues running?

  1. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command immediately before the ENDPGM command.

  2. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command after the ENDPGM command.

  3. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command immediately after the PGM command.

  4. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command before the PGM command.

Answer: C

Question No: 38

What does this display from a WRKSYSSTS screen tell the administrator about the system?

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

  1. Temporary storage is taking up a large proportion of the disk space.

  2. A disk in the disk unit subsystem has failed or is being rebuilt.

  3. Auxiliary storage is not protected on the system.

  4. Auxiliary storage capacity has exceeded the default threshold level.

Answer: B

Question No: 39

Which step is required before an upgrade to IBM i 7.2 from another supported version?

  1. Install the Technology Refresh PTF prior to the Cumulative and HIPER fix packages

  2. Install the 7.2 cumulative and group PTFs

  3. Ensure the system is ready for PTFs with an IPL to the quot;Aquot; side

  4. Permanently apply all of the PTFs from the prior version of IBM i

Answer: D

Question No: 40

An administrator has been notified that company auditors will need access to a system for 14 days from the current date. The profiles are created but there is a well-defined company policy about inactive profiles.

What can be done in each profile to insure the policy is enforced?

  1. Set the USREXPDATE field to *USREXPITV Set the USREXPITV field to 14

  2. Set the SPCENV field to quot;EXPTEMP Set the PWDEXPITV field to 14

  3. SetthePWDEXPfieldto14

    Set the USROPT field to *EXPSCD

  4. Set the PWDEXPITV field to 14 Set the STATUS field to 8TMPACT

Answer: A

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