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IBM Power Systems POWER8 Sales Skills V2

Question No: 1

A customer has many x86 systems running Linux and has run out of server rack space.

Which statement indicates how Power Systems provides a solution to resolve the space issue?

  1. Power rack systems are 2U and 4U and have a much smaller footprint than x86 systems.

  2. Higher performance means fewer servers for same workload.

  3. Lower energy consumption means less HVAC and therefore increases available datacenter space.

  4. Power rack systems are four sockets and therefore can reduce the space requirements by two times.

Answer: C

Question No: 2

A customer is considering migrating from a large Solaris environment to an AIX solution. They want help with their migration planning and some private training.

Which IBM solution will provide the most efficient help?

  1. Redbooks

  2. PowerCare

  3. Technical University

  4. System Planning Tool

Answer: A

Question No: 3

A customer has several workloads running AIX v5.3 on older POWER5 servers. They have a long-term need for those applications and would like to consolidate them onto a single POWER8 server.

Which of following will satisfy the customer’s requirements?

  1. AIX Logical Partitions (LPARs) can simultaneously support all levels of AIX on the same server.

  2. The AIX 5L v.5.3 Expansion Pack is shipped with AIX v7 to support AIX v5.3 applications on POWER8.

  3. POWER8 servers with AIX v7 offer binary compatibility for any programs currently running on AIX v5.3.

  4. AIX v5.3 workload partitions for AIX v7 (WPARs) allow the consolidation of older AIX environments onto POWER8.

Answer: B

Question No: 4

A customer is considering migrating from x86 to Power Systems servers with PowerVM virtualization.

Which of the following is a compelling reason to consider the Power solution?

  1. The same binaries can be run on both platforms.

  2. The Power hypervisor is more secure.

  3. Both platforms can be managed with VMware vSphere.

  4. Only PowerVM allows live workloads to be moved between servers.

Answer: B

Question No: 5

A customer has invited an IBM sales representative to discuss running their application of WAS ND on Linux. They are concerned about the overall cost of the solution, especially with the ongoing cost of the software. The sizing guide is requiring 72-cores of Ivy Bridge EX System (4-socket servers processors.)

To lower their cost, the sales representative discussed the option of running WAS ND on a POWER8 E870 40-core systems using IFLs. The customer mentioned that the TCA would be lower for x86.

What TCO factors should be addressed for purchasing POWER8 instead of the x86?

  1. POWER8 offers better performance and has four times the number of threads which would require fewer cores than the Ivy Bridge EX server.

  2. The E870 is 120 PVU/core compared to the Ivy Bridge EX at 100 PVU/core; but since POWER8 requires 44% fewer cores, the solution would be less costly for the software.

  3. PVU IFL licensing is equal to Ivy Bridge EX; but requires fewer cores for POWER8, and could use fewer cores which would reduce cost.

  4. IFLs reduce the acquisition cost of the E870 and the PVU IFL licensing is 30% less costly than Ivy Bridge EX per core, which reduces their software cost by about 60%.

Answer: A

Question No: 6

Which of the following is required to run IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager?

  1. AIX

  2. VIOS

  3. Linux

  4. IBM i

Answer: C

Question No: 7

A customer is considering purchasing DB2 and WebSphere, and will determine whether to run it on POWER8 or x86. Both servers are licensed at 70 PVUs.

What is a reason that they should choose POWER instead of x86 to help reduce licensing cost?

  1. POWER8 has more cores.

  2. POWER8 is more secure.

  3. POWER8 has better performance per core.

  4. POWER8 has faster clock speeds.

Answer: C

Question No: 8

A customer wants to acquire a server that can run Linux. The customer is interested in the active memory mirroring feature for the hypervisor.

Which of the following offers the best price/performance option for the customer?

  1. E850 with two IFLs

  2. S824L with two IFLs

  3. S824 with two IFLs

  4. E870 with two IFLs

Answer: A

Question No: 9

A customer is contemplating either a pair of S824s or a pair of E870s to run their critical workloads, utilizing live partition mobility to rebalance workloads as necessary. The customer will also want the ability to relocate active CPUs between systems.

Which offering might help the customer to favor the E870 solution?

  1. Power Enterprise Pools

  2. Shared Storage Pools

  3. PowerHA Enterprise Edition

  4. PowerVC policy-based workload placement

Answer: A

Question No: 10

A customer running Linux with KVM on their x86 systems wants to add an S822L into the environment using a consistent virtualization technology.

How can a Power option satisfy the requirement?

  1. Implement PowerKVM on the Power System.

  2. Convert KVM to PowerVM on the x86 systems for consistency with the Power Systems.

  3. Implement PowerVM and KVM since the functionality and management interface are shared.

  4. Implement Kimchi as the management interface to support both environments.

Answer: C

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