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IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V2

Question No: 111 – (Topic 2)

A Customer wants the new E870 installed in existing 19-inch rack. What clients should consider?

  1. The system only comes with IBM rack for shipment. Customers need to remove it from the rack after the goods arrival.

  2. The system can only be installed to specific IBM rack. Do not allow the use of non-IBM rack.

  3. If you specify the appropriate properties on the order, there will be no rack when the system deliver it

  4. The system can only be installed in the 24-inch rack.

Answer: B

Question No: 112 – (Topic 2)

A customer has a 40 core E870 and would like to use Mobile Capacity on Demand. What is the minimum number of static processor activations that are required?

  1. 10

  2. 12

  3. 20

  4. 8

Answer: D Explanation:

Power Enterprise Pool configuration requirements:

The Power 870 and 880 require a minimum of 8 static processor activations.

References: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/8247- 22L/p8ha2/systempool_cod.htm

Question No: 113 – (Topic 2)

A customer wants to host their AIX PowerHA SystemMirror systems in two cities that are 175 miles (280 kilometers) apart.

Which solution will provide SAN-based data replication with the least latency between the two sites?

  1. Metro Mirror

  2. Copy Services Toolkit

  3. Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX

  4. Stretched Cluster

Answer: A Explanation:

Metro Mirror (previously known as synchronous Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC)) provides real-time mirroring of logical volumes between two IBM ESS/DS6000/DS8000 family storage that can be located up to 300 km from each other.

References: Exploiting IBM PowerHA SystemMirror V6.1 for AIX Enterprise Edition (May 2013), page 101


Question No: 114 – (Topic 2)

By what can A FlashSystem 840 connects to a PowerE870?

  1. 16GB Fibre Channel adapters.

  2. Optical CXP Converter adapter.

  3. The big with writing cache SAS adapter.

  4. 8GB GX adapter.

Answer: A

Question No: 115 – (Topic 2)

A customer has an E870 installed, and is considering migrating a RHEL 6 workload from an x86 system.

Which offering supports RHEL workloads on the E870?

  1. PowerVM Lx86

  2. Workload Partitions for Linux (WPL)

  3. Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL)

  4. PowerKVM

Answer: C Explanation:

Power Integrated Facility for Linux (Power IFL) is an optional lower cost per processor core activation feature for Linux only workloads on IBM Power Systems servers. Processor cores that are activated for general-purpose workloads can run any supported operating system. If you choose to activate Power IFL processor cores, the systems need to be in compliance with the license terms.

References: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/blogs/PowerSystemsRedbooks/entry/pow


Question No: 116 – (Topic 2)

A customer has an E870 with AIX, IBM i and RHEL installed.

Which virtualization technology allows multiple operating systems to share the same adapter simultaneously with low CPU usage?

  1. HEA

  2. RoCE

  3. SR-IOV

  4. SEA

Answer: C Explanation:

PowerVM Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) technology allows multiple partitions to share PCIe devices. SR-IOV minimizes contention with CPU and memory resources.

Question No: 117 – (Topic 2)

A customer wants to mount their new E870 in an existing 19 inch rack. What should be considered during the sales process?

  1. The system only fits in a 24 inch rack.

  2. The system only ships with an IBM rack.

  3. The system only fits in specific IBM racks. Non IBM racks are not permitted to be used.

  4. The system only ships without a rack if the proper feature is specified on the order.

Answer: B


The Power E870 must be ordered with an IBM 42U enterprise rack

Question No: 118 – (Topic 2)

Which IBM product is used to build, deploy, and manage infrastructure?

  1. PowerVM

  2. PowerVP

  3. PowerVC Manager

  4. PowerSC Manager

Answer: A Explanation:

PowerVM provides a secure and scalable server virtualization environment for AIX, IBM i and Linux applications built upon the advanced RAS features and leading performance of the Power Systems platform.

Question No: 119 – (Topic 2)

A customer runs POWER7 servers managed by the HMC 7042-CR4 with firmware V7R7.9.0.

The customer will purchase a Power E870 server and wants to manage all servers from the same HMC.

How can this be accomplished, if necessary?

  1. Purchase a 7042-CR9 HMC.

  2. Upgrade the HMC code to V8R8 2.0.

  3. The current HMC configuration already meets the customer requirements.

  4. MES the existing HMC to a 7042-CR5.

Answer: B Explanation:

HMC Version 8 can be used for POWER8, POWER7, and POWER6 based servers. HMC Version 7 can used for POWER7, POWER6 and POWER5 based servers.

References: https://www-304.ibm.com/support/customercare/sas/f/hmcl/home.html

Question No: 120 – (Topic 2)

Which feature of POWER8 processor-based systems is optimized for big data solutions?

  1. 40GbE FCoE adapter

  2. PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer

  3. Memory bandwidth

  4. Internal Split Backplane

Answer: C Explanation:

The Bandwidth of POWER8 is Critical for Big Data Workloads like Spark.

References: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/blogs/f0f3cd83-63c2-4744- 9021-

9ff31e7004a9/entry/The_Bandwidth_of_POWER8_is_Critical_for_Big_Data_Workloads_lik e_Spark?lang=en

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