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IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 Solution Development

Question No: 11

How can Howard deploy and incorporate his newly created layout template into the Prod theme using the default layout templates location?

  1. Edit the new layout template file, and add it to the head section of the theme. html file.

  2. Copy the new layout template file, and place it in /fs-type1/themes/Prod/layout-templates in the WebDAV file store.

  3. Copy the new layout template file, and place it in /fs-type1/themes/Prod/templates/layout in the WebDAV file store.

  4. Create an enterprise archive (EAR) file from the layout template file, and deploy it by ConfigEngine task add-layout-template.

Answer: B

Question No: 12

Sarah needs to create a URL to her portlet.

Why would she use an Action URL versus a Resource or Render URL?

  1. The request is to a JavaScript file.

  2. The request needs to be over SSL.

  3. The request changes the state of the portlet.

  4. The request is to retrieve a fragment of markup.

Answer: C Explanation:

Creating Portlet URLs(renderURL/actionURL/resourceURL) in Liferay through jsp and javascript

Here I am creating renderURL only.Other URL#39;s can be created in the similar way In JSP :

lt;portlet:renderURL var=quot;renderURL quot;gt;

lt;portlet:param name=quot;param-namequot; value=quot;param-valuequot; /gt;

lt;portlet:param name=quot;param-namequot; value=quot;param-valuequot; /gt;


Question No: 13

Kathy wants to override a dynamic content spot configuration to her custom theme. What will be the best way to achieve this without using XMLAccess?

  1. Make the configuration change in the resource environment provider in the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.

  2. Download the theme. html file from WebDAV, make changes there, and upload it back to WebDAV.

  3. Set the theme metadata parameter key with the appropriate key/value pair in WebDAV.

  4. Enable the theme. custom.metadata attribute with the value true in the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.

Answer: D Explanation:

If you are accessing federated documents through the personalization editor, click wp.federated.documents.pzn.vaultselection.enabled. To enable credential vaults slots, set

the value to true, or, to disable credential vault slots, set the value to false. By default, the value is true.

If you are accessing federated documents through the rich text editor in Web Content Manager, click wp.federated.documents.wcm.vaultselection.enabled. To enable credential vaults slots, set the value to true, or, to disable credential vault slots, set the value to false. By default, the value is true.

Question No: 14

John, an IBM WebSphere Portal developer, is writing a portlet to help support specialists with reproducing users#39; issues.

Which WebSphere Portal feature can John use to run his task?

  1. Personalization

  2. People Awareness

  3. User Impersonation

  4. User and Groups Management

Answer: C Explanation:

While impersonating the user use the quot;My Sitesquot; menu in the dockbar to go to any of his sites

Result: The impersonation is lost, the site is accessed as the administrator user

Question No: 15

Rachel needs to configure access to her company#39;s mail system by using a portlet. The company requires users to be prompted for their user name and password the first time they access their mail. This information is then stored for future access.

What type of credential vault slot should Rachel use?

  1. system slot

  2. shared user slot

  3. portlet shared slot

  4. administrative slot

Answer: C

Question No: 16

Michele wants to redirect a user#39;s request to a specific portal page, but only if the quot;validatedquot; cookie does not exist.

Which can be used to check every request made to the portal by the user and make a redirection when needed?

  1. com.ibm.portal.portlet.filter.PortletFilter

  2. com.ibm.portal.auth.SessionvalidationFilter

  3. com.ibm.portal.filter.RequestRedirectionFilter

  4. javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionAttributeListener

Answer: B

Question No: 17

Which URI schema should be used to render the footer_mobile.jsp while accessing IBM WebSphere Portal using a smartphone or tablet?

  1. href=quot;smartphone/tablet/footerjnobile.jspquot;

  2. href=quot;/customTheme/themes/html/dynamicSpots/footer_mobile.jspquot;

  3. href=quot;smartphone/tablet@res:/customTheme/themes/html/dynamicSpots /foote r_mobile.j spquot;

  4. href=quot;mvc:smartphone/tablet@res:/customTheme/themes/html/dynamicSpots /foote r_mobile.j spquot;

Answer: B

Question No: 18

Which life cycle method of a portlet do the doView, doEdit and doHelp methods represent?

  1. init

  2. render

  3. destroy

  4. processAction

Answer: D Explanation:

processAction, to handle action requests

doView, to handle render requests when in VIEW mode doEdit, to handle render requests when in EDIT mode doHelp, to handle render request when in HELP mode

init and destroy, to manage resources that are held for the life of the servlet

Question No: 19

Arthur needs to clean up cached user data from an object cache in IBM WebSphere Portal after the user#39;s session is ended.

Which areas are valid to place Arthur#39;s cleanup logic? (Choose two.)

  1. Implicit Login Filter Chain

  2. Explicit Login Filter Chain

  3. Implicit Logout Filter Chain

  4. Explicit Logout Filter Chain

  5. Session Validation Filter Chain

Answer: B,E

Question No: 20

Tina wants to use the Remote PUMA SPI REST service and to ensure that requests to the service are served only within a valid user context.

Which URI path allows her to accomplish this task?

  1. /um/secure

  2. /puma/secure

  3. /puma/um/secure

  4. /um/puma/secure

Answer: C Explanation:

/um/puma/secure; /um/secure; /puma/secure;

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