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IBM Rational IT Sales Mastery Test v2

Question No: 21

What are the Rational products that make up the core foundation of the Deployment Planning amp; Automation solution?

  1. Rational Software Architect, Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere and Rational Asset Manager

  2. Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Quality Manager

  3. Rational System Architect, Rational Automation Framework, Rational Asset Manager

  4. Rational Team Concert, Rational Build Forge, Rational Asset Manager

Answer: A

Reference: http://www.websphereusergroup.org.uk/wug/files/presentations/31/Leigh_Williamson_Dave

_Sayers_-_Rational_Deployment_-_UK_WUG_March_2011.pdf (slide 45, 46, 47 and 48)

Question No: 22

Your customer is considering moving away from their Word-based requirements approach to a web-based requirements tool. Their primary need is to be able to expose requirements coverage gaps and identify the impact of a potential change to a requirement.

Which of the following capabilities would best help your customer?

  1. Audit Change History

  2. Traceability and Analysis

  3. User Interface Storyboards

  4. Business Process Diagramming

Answer: B

Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/awdtools/rrc/features/ (see 8th row of the column)

Question No: 23

Which of the following highlights one of the key benefits System Architect brings to Enterprise Architecture Management?

  1. Understanding how to optimize the software development practices.

  2. Understanding how your technology assets relate and how they will be impacted by proposed changes.

  3. Prioritizing features of products to decide which will have most benefit to the business

  4. Ability to simulate state charts and auto generate code for embedded systems

Answer: B

Question No: 24

What are the primary user roles for the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) for IT agility@scale accelerator?

  1. Architect; Developer; and Build Coordinator

  2. Requirements Analyst, Developer and Quality Professional

  3. Knowledge Manager, Change Manager Test Lab Manager

  4. Security Analyst, Configuration Manager, Project Manager

Answer: B

Question No: 25

Which solution components make up the Smarter Application Portfolio Management (APM) Accelerator?

  1. Products, Best Practices, QuickStart, Reports and Configurations

  2. Products, Best Practices, Customer References

  3. Quickstart, Statement of Work, Proposal

  4. Proof of Technology, demo script, demo recording

Answer: A

Reference: ftp://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/2012_ITSO_Total_Solution_Event_System_z_Amst erdam/track_2_zEnterprise_for_IT_Architects/AR05_Application_Portfolio_Management.pd f (slide # 16)

Question No: 26

How does Rational Quality Manager (RQM) unify the team to provide clear and accountable direction for the testing process and status?

  1. Through advanced customizations

  2. Through built-in modeling for users to visualize the process

  3. By having individual, synchronized repositories for single user ownership

  4. By having a shared view of the quality assets in a central location

Answer: D

Reference: https://www- 950.ibm.com/events/wwe/ca/canada.nsf/vLookupPDFs/martinmorgentaler.smarter_govern ment_qm_whitetemplate/$file/MartinMorgentaler.Smarter Government_QM_WhiteTem plate.pdf (12th slide)

Question No: 27

Which of these are core benefits that come from using Rational Build Forge?

  1. Rapid adoption of agile practices, virtualization and better requirement auditing.

  2. Compliance with government regulations: standardization, real-time reporting and dashboards.

  3. Elimination of manual efforts, cost reductions, quality improvements and tighter integrations of tools across the lifecycle.

  4. Better mapping of operational objectives to the Rational Unified Process, lower cost of ownership and enhanced usage of virtualization.

Answer: C

rence: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/software/rational/web/datasheets/10709827_RBF_DS_ACC.pdf (page 1, second paragraph, first content column)

Question No: 28

Which of these challenges exist most often in Software Development and Delivery?

  1. Language, Relational, Geographic

  2. Organizational, Cultural, Systemic

  3. Environmental, Infrastructure, Educational

  4. Geographic, Organizational and Infrastructure

Answer: D

Reference: https://jazz.net/library/article/432/ (page 4)

Question No: 29

Many organizations depend on web-based software to run their business processes, conduct transactions and deliver increasingly sophisticated services to customers. What is a key way that Rational Policy Tester helps organizations assess their web applications for regulatory compliance, accessibility, and privacy?

Rational Policy Tester software features a core .

  1. run time engine that monitors web applications and generates actionable reports that pinpoint issues uncovered during the scan

  2. authentication engine that monitors access to web applications and determines whether end users will be concerned about accessibility privacy, or regulatory compliance

  3. network analysis engine that uses network traffic to determine compliance with accessibility privacy, or regulatory standards

  4. scan engine that crawls through website content and applications, analyzes data, stores findings in a relational database, and generates actionable reports that pinpoint issues uncovered during the scan

Answer: D

Reference: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/software/rational/web/datasheets/r_ds_policytester.pdf (page 1, second paragraph on the left, Topic: Launching an extensible, Web-based, enterprise solution)

Question No: 30

What are the primary collaboration benefits of Rational Team Concert?

  1. It facilitates the principles of high performance teams, whether they are following an agile development or traditional approach.

  2. It provides instant messaging and rss feeds.

  3. It makes writing Java code a lot easier.

  4. It can help you automatically unit test your code.

Answer: A

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