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IBM Decision Optimization Technical Mastery Test v2

Question No: 1

A technical seller conducts an IBM Decision Optimization Discovery Workshop with the client. What are desired outcomes of this session?

  1. Obtain financial information in order to estimate Time to Payback and understand the desired situation and the targeted revenue/cost/risk improvements.

  2. Obtain financial information in order to estimate Time to Payback and find out the available budget

  3. Understand compliance regulations of the client and find out the available budget.

  4. Understand compliance regulations of the client and understand the targeted revenue/cost/risk improvements.

Answer: D

Question No: 2

A technical seller can identify an IBM Decision Optimization Center (DOC) opportunity versus an IBM CPLEX opportunity when the customer#39;s:

  1. IT team is interested in embedding the engine into a proprietary application.

  2. OR team wishes to link the engine to IBM SPSS Modeler.

  3. Business users want the ability to run what-if analysis and scenario comparisons.

  4. OR team has an existing OPL model and would like to solve it on a single desktop

Answer: C

Question No: 3

While the components of a product demonstration will vary depending upon the requirements of the prospective customer, a best practice for all successful product demonstrations is to:

  1. Cover as many features as possible in order to impress the prospect.

  2. Lead with a description of the product architecture.

  3. Start by describing all input data before showing the solution.

  4. Focus on 2-5 key features and summarize their benefits.

Answer: D

Question No: 4

A customer is interested in deploying an optimization solution with IBM Decision Optimization CPLEX Deployment Edition. What should the technical seller inquire about that would allow the IBM team to come up with a sizing recommendation?

  1. The number of business users that will be using the optimization application.

  2. The number of concurrent optimization requests that are expected to reach CPLEX at any given time

  3. The amount of time it takes for CPLEX to solve a single optimization request

  4. The number of variables and constraints in the optimization problem

Answer: D

Question No: 5

A manufacturer wants to implement Sales and Operations Planning and is considering a packaged application from a major database vendor. Which is a sales point for a solution based on IBM Decision Optimization Center (DOC)?

  1. IBM DOC handles end to end transactions processes.

  2. IBM DOC has a packaged application for Sales and Operations Planning

  3. IBM DOC solutions are customized to the customer#39;s unique business model.

  4. IBM DOC solves linear optimization problems.

Answer: B

Question No: 6

After reviewing IBM Decision Optimization offerings, a customer gets interested in the Decision Optimization Center (DOC) product. The customer#39;s requirement is for a development environment and a multi-user collaborative deployment environment. Which DOC components will the technical seller recommend?

  1. DOC Developer Edition, DOC CPLEX Server and DOC Client

  2. DOC Developer Edition, DOC Data Server, DOC CPLEX Server and DOC Client

  3. DOC Developer Edition and DOC Planner

  4. DOC Developer Edition. DOC Data Server, DOC Client

Answer: B

Question No: 7

A key feature distinguishing IBM Decision Optimization from Predictive Analytics is:

  1. Decision Optimization results are more accurate.

  2. Decision Optimization results provide optimized actionable plans.

  3. Decision Optimization results are easier to implement.

  4. Decision Optimization results require less data.

Answer: C

Question No: 8

A technical seller has been invited to an initial meeting with a client In advance, the client has provided some details regarding their business problem and pain points, as well as some data showing the opportunity for optimization. The sales team is setting high expectations to make a strong initial impression on this client. Their goal for this meeting is to demonstrate the potential for a high level of return from a Decision Optimization solution. To achieve this goal the technical seller should deliver

  1. Proof of Concept because it uses client data.

  2. Proof of Concept as this is the best way to focus on the clients requirements during the preparation effort.

  3. demo, to provide an initial high-level view of the product, emphasizing key features and prompting useful feedback.

  4. demo, as it requires a minimal investment of effort

Answer: B

Question No: 9

The sales team has presented a detailed proposal to a company in the chemical industry for a production planning application. The customer expresses interest but is concerned about IBM#39;s ability to deliver an application addressing very complex requirements. An appropriate next step for the technical seller would be:

  1. Offer to arrange reference call(s) with previous customers with similar challenges.

  2. Suggest engaging IBM Global Business Services (GBS).

  3. Discuss finance options from IBM Global Finance (IGF).

  4. Offer a fixed price contract

Answer: B

Question No: 10

A technical seller is conducting an IBM Decision Optimization Discovery Workshop with a client. Which impacts of an optimization system on business processes should be discussed with the client at this time?

  1. An optimization system does not affect existing business processes.

  2. The processes for an optimization system and the existing processes need to be executed in parallel.

  3. An optimization system necessarily introduces new business processes different from the existing processes.

  4. An optimization system can improve automation of the existing processes.

Answer: D

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