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IBM Decision Optimization Technical Mastery Test v2

Question No: 11

A technical seller is preparing a demonstration for a large airline currently using a home- grown tool to dynamically schedule gates. Their system is very old, requires many manual tasks, and there is no easy way to track which gate managers are currently making changes in the system. Which features could best help the technical seller demonstrate the value of an IBM Decision Optimization-based solution when addressing the airline#39;s current challenges?

  1. python API, DOCIoud and collaborative development in CPLEX Optimization Studio

  2. Batch script execution, REST API and role-based authorization

  3. CP Optimizer, Interactive Gantt charts, and collaboration capabilities of DOC

  4. CPLEX Concert APIs. Profiler in CPLEX Optimization Studio, and custom task development

Answer: D

Question No: 12

A technical seller conducts a discovery workshop with a client. What is important to know when assessing the business use cases of the client?

  1. Compare the current to the desired situation and determine relevant key performance indicators.

  2. Get a deep understanding of the desired situation and the client#39;s total revenue.

  3. Evaluate the complexity of the optimization model and estimate key performance indicators.

  4. Evaluate the complexity of the optimization model and determine the client s total revenue

Answer: A

Question No: 13

A customer wants to deploy an optimization based solution in a scalable and high availability (HA) deployment environment that provides failover and load balancing capabilities. Which application server can be used for deploying Decision Optimization Center server components to provide an HA environment?

  1. WebSphere Application Server Community Edition

  2. WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

  3. Oracle WebLogic Server

  4. WebSphere Application Server

Answer: D

Question No: 14

Which differentiates IBM Decision Optimization solutions against packaged solutions?

  1. The upfront cost is often significantly lower compared to packaged solutions.

  2. They are easier and faster to install and get up and running.

  3. They offer unique competitive advantage with no custom development required.

  4. They can evolve in the future to address changes in business requirements.

Answer: A

Question No: 15

During the past 2 weeks a technical seller has been working on a POC. Following the presentation the client says that additional functionalities are needed for the POC to have the required impact. The client asked the technical sales team to come back to present the updated version within 2 weeks. The technical seller#39;s assessment when reviewing the request is that the additional functionalities will require a heavy workload and will require one month to complete. A best practice for the technical seller in this case is:

  1. Ask for more time in order to deliver the required additional functionalities.

  2. Send an email to the client saying that the additional functionalities weren#39;t part of the original scope.

  3. Request a session with the client to re-assess the situation and agree on follow-up actions including potential prioritized POC improvements

  4. Define priorities to be able to show as much additional functionalities as possible.

Answer: C

Question No: 16

A technical seller is preparing a demonstration for a renewable energy company that is looking for innovative ways to distribute energy. Which set of capabilities would best highlight the value of a Decision Optimization solution implemented by IBM?

  1. The Uncertainty Toolkit, integration with IOT amp; Weather, and IBM#39;s partnership with Twitter

  2. CPLEX performance, the existing Unit Commitment asset, and Profiler in CPLEX Optimization Studio

  3. SPSS Connector in CPLEX Optimization Studio, CP Optimizer performance, and search phases

  4. Supply Demand Demo, SPSS Connector in CPLEX Optimization Studio, and IBM#39;s partnership with Twitter

Answer: C

Question No: 17

The Vice President of production at a company supplying household cleaning supplies and related products tells the technical seller their finished goods inventories are quot;out of control* leading to frequent stock-outs of some SKUs (stock keeping units) and wastage of outdated product of others. Which benefit would the technical seller indicate can be realized through use of IBM Decision Optimization?

  1. An IBM Decision Optimization solution can solve big optimization problems faster than any other product on the market.

  2. The company#39;s Operations Research department can easily build a realistic model of the production process.

  3. The IBM Decision Optimization solution can hedge the risk of stockouts with robust plans that consider alternative demand scenarios.

  4. The IBM Decision Optimization solution can predict where and when supply shortfalls will occur at least 2 weeks in advance

Answer: C

Question No: 18

A customer wants to provide a web based user interface (Ul) to its business users for reviewing the Key Performance Indicators of their production schedule. They maintain this as a master scenario in Decision Optimization Center (DOC) based solution. Which DOC feature can be leveraged for developing a reviewer web Ul?

  1. Decision Optimization Center CPLEX Server

  2. Decision Optimization Center Data Server

  3. Decision Optimization Center Client

  4. Decision Optimization Center REST API

Answer: C

Question No: 19

A technical seller has conducted an IBM Decision Optimization Discovery Workshop with a client. Which outcomes are essential to conclude the discovery?

  1. An understanding of the business situation as well as the technical and financial information.

  2. An understanding of the business situation as well as the solution overview and the solution approach.

  3. The stakeholders being convinced as well as the technical and financial information.

  4. The definition of a Proof of Concept has been established as well as the solution overview and the solution approach

Answer: B

Question No: 20

A large logistics company asked IBM for help with a vehicle routing solution to improve their operational efficiency. Which metric could an IBM Decision Optimization based solution directly help improve and, as a result, generate the most cost savings for the client?

  1. maintenance frequency

  2. placement of truck sensors

  3. driver retention rate

  4. total miles driven

Answer: C

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