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IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration B

Question No: 11 – (Topic 1)

Jeff is a developer and would like to sign an XPage to run on an IBM Domino server. What is the lowest level of access privilege he needs in order for the XPage to run?

  1. Run restricted LotusScript/Java agents.

  2. Sign agents to run on behalf of someone else.

  3. Sign XPages to run on behalf of the builder of the XPage.

  4. Sign agents or XPages to run on behalf of the invoker of the agent.

Answer: D

Question No: 12 – (Topic 1)

What encryption standard has been introduced in IBM Domino 9.0 Social Edition?

  1. Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2)

  2. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

  3. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

  4. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)

Answer: A

Question No: 13 – (Topic 1)

What is a credential store?

  1. The credential store is a secure repository where IBM Notes ID files are stored for roaming users.

  2. The credential store is a secure repository for encryption keys necessary for IBM Domino to set up SSO with other applications.

  3. The credential store is a secure repository for encryption keys necessary for Notes client users to be able to send and receive encrypted mail


  4. The credential store is a secure repository for document encryption keys and other tokens necessary for Notes client users to grant access to

applications that use the OAuth protocol.

Answer: D

Question No: 14 – (Topic 1)

As an administrator, what can be used to easily manage groups in the IBM Domino Directory?

  1. a desktop policy

  2. the Monitoring task

  3. the Administration Process

  4. the Manage Group tool in the Domino Administrator client

Answer: D

Question No: 15 – (Topic 1)

A failover occurs when a user tries to open a database that is unavailable. The Cluster Manager looks in the Cluster Database Directory for a replica of the database. To find the replica, the Cluster Manager looks for a database that has the same replica ID as the original database. What are two properties that are also checked for before using the replica? (Choose two.)

  1. Out of service

  2. File is Corrupt

  3. Pending delete

  4. File is locked for Archive

  5. Temporarily disable replication

Answer: A,C

Question No: 16 – (Topic 1)

Cindy would like to create an additional policy for laptop users, but this policy will only have a few differences from the parent policy. In what way could she do this that would ensure she would only have to make a few changes?

  1. She can create a new policy with all new policy and settings documents.

  2. She can create a new policy with all new policy documents, and copy and paste values from a parent setting.

  3. She can use policy inheritance to inherit values from a parent policy and change only the items she wishes in the child.

  4. She can create a new policy with a new policy document, reuse existing settings document, and create new settings for changes.

Answer: C

Question No: 17 – (Topic 1)

A managed replica is a variation of a standard local replica of the user#39;s mail file. When the user is connected on a server-based location, how is the managed replica used?

  1. The local replica is used by default.

  2. The server replica is used by default.

  3. The managed replica is used by default.

  4. The managed replica will never be used when the user is connected to a server-based location.

Answer: C

Question No: 18 – (Topic 1)

Charles is the ID Vault administrator. What role in the ID Vault database would allow Charles to extract ID files and gain access to users#39; encrypted data?

  1. [Auditor]

  2. [User Access]

  3. [Password reset]

  4. [Vault Administrator]

Answer: A

Question No: 19 – (Topic 1)

What two tasks can IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security be used for? (Choose two.)

  1. preventing mail database corruption

  2. encrypting incoming and outgoing email

  3. inspecting incoming email attachments for viruses

  4. locking a mail file for litigation or investigation purposes

  5. preventing sensitive data such as credit card numbers from being sent via email

Answer: C,E

Question No: 20 – (Topic 1)

How can the multi-user migration assistant be configured?

  1. modifying the notes.ini

  2. applying a desktop policy

  3. modifying the Windows registry keys

  4. modifying the MUMigrationAssistant.ini

Answer: D

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