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XPages Mobile Advanced Topics

Question No: 11

Rachel is developing a mobile XPage application. She would like to send users to a

specific XPage based on the request header.

Which XPage control can she utilize to accomplish this task?

  1. Redirect or lt;xe:redirectgt;

  2. Navigator or lt;xe:navigatorgt;

  3. Redirect Page or lt;xe: redirectToPagegt;

  4. Navigate Page or lt;xe: navigateToPagegt;

Answer: D

Question No: 12

Marco has designed a mobile application with two mobile pages. For the first mobile page he set the pageName property to quot;viewMobilePagequot; and for the second mobile page he set the pageName property to quot;documentMobilePagequot;. He designed the viewMobilePage to display a listing of customer names from the CustomersByName view. He designed the documentMobilePage to display the document details for the customer touched on the viewMobilePage.

During testing Marco noticed that the each time he touched a customer document on the viewMobilePage it would open in edit mode on the documentMobilePage.

What can Marco do to have the customer documents open in read mode on the documentMobilePage when they are touched on the viewMobilePage?

  1. Add the following properly and value to the lt;xe: appPagegt; control for the viewMobilePage: openMode=quot;readonlyquot; .

  2. Add the following property and value to the lt;xe:apppagegt; control for the documentMobilePage: dispiayMode=quot;readquot;.

  3. Add the following property and value to the lt;xe: dataviewgt; control for the viewMobilePage: openDocAsReadonly=quot;truequot;.

  4. Add the following property and value to the lt;xp:dominoDocumentgt; data source for the documentMobilePage: action=quot;openDocumentquot;.

Answer: C

Question No: 13

Charles would like to allow users onhis XPages Mobile application to send an SMS message to the user associated with the document being displayed while using the device. He added a link control next to the bottom of the document page.

Which computed value for the link will return the proper value and create the SMS text message?

  1. var phone = documentMain.getltemValue(quot;phoneNumber#39;#39;); return quot;href:quot; phone;

  2. var phone = documentMain.getltemValue(quot;phoneNumberquot;); return quot;href\sms:quot; phone;

  3. var phone = documentMain.getltemValue (quot;phoneNumberquot;); return quot;sms:quot; phone;

  4. var phone = documentMain.getltemValueStringC#39;phoneNumberquot;); return quot;sms:quot; phone;

Answer: C

Question No: 14

Which container control can have a data source defined for it?

  1. Table control

  2. Panel control

  3. Document View control

  4. Application Page control

Answer: A

Question No: 15

Mary is developing a mobile application using XPages Mobile controls.

Which is a necessary step in developing the mobile application that displays properly on mobile devices?

  1. Set the isMobile property to quot;Truequot; in the All Properties tab of the XPage.

  2. Mary should drag and drop any control from the Mobile palette to any XPage.

  3. Mary should enable quot;Allow Mobile applicationsquot; on the HTTP tab of the Internet Protocols tab of the Server document that the application resides on.

  4. Mary should drag and drop a control from the Mobile palette to any XPage that has a name that starts with the same prefix that is listed in the xsp.theme.mobile.pagePrefix


Answer: B

Question No: 16

Adam is developing a mobile application that uses XPages, but is having issues getting it to work. He suspects the issue is with one of the controls on the page.

How can Adam evaluate the contents of that control?

  1. Use a dumpObject control to output the contents of the suspected control.

  2. Use a dispIayObject control to output the contents of the suspected control.

  3. Enable the server notes.ini parameter Dump_Object= and provide the name of the suspected control.

  4. Enable the server notes.ini parameter Dispiay_Object= and provide the name of the suspected control.

Answer: B

Question No: 17

Slobo is working on an XPages Mobile application that allows users to enroll and elect their company benefits. The mobile interface has a few pages that users need to navigate through and answer questions to make selections. During developer testingSlobo notices that some of the user entered values are resetting when the user navigates backwards to previous screens.

What could Slobo do to make the user entered values stick between pages?

  1. On all lt;xe:appPagegt; tags, set the reload property to false.

  2. On lt;xe:singlePageAppgt;, set the reload property to false.

  3. On all lt;xe:appPagegt; tags, set the resetContent property to true.

  4. Onalllt;xe:appPagegt; tags, set the resetContent property to false.

Answer: D

Question No: 18

Which example of the Redirect controlwill redirect to them_MobileXPage if accessed from a mobile device?

  1. lt;xe:redirect id=quot;redirectlquot;gt;lt;xe:this.rulesgt;

    lt;xe:redirectPhoneRuleurl=quot;/m_Mobile.xspquot;x/xe:redirectPhoneRulegt;lt;xe:redirectTabletRule url=quot;/m_Mobile.xspquot;x/xe:redirectTabletRulegt;lt;/xe:this.rulesgt;lt;/xe:redirectgt;

  2. lt;xe:redirect id=quot;redirectlngt;lt;xe:this.rulesgt;

    lt;xe:redirectMobileRuleurl=quot;/m_Mobile.xspquot;x/xe:redirectMobileRulegt;lt;/xe:this.rulesgt;lt;/xe:re directgt;

  3. lt;xe:redirect id=quot;redirectlquot;gt;lt;xe:this.rulesgt;

    lt;xe:redirectHeaderRule header=quot;User-Agentquot; headerPattern=quot;Mobilequot; url=quot;/m_Mobile.xspquot;


  4. lt;xe:redirect id=quot;redirectlquot;gt;lt;xe:this.rulesgt;

lt;xe:redirectPhoneRuleurl=quot;/m_Mobile.xspquot; rulePattern=quot;And]:oid, iPhonequot;gt;lt;/xe:redirectPhoneRulegt;lt;xe:redirectTabletRuleurl=quot;/m_Mobile.xspquot; rulePattern=quot;iPadquot;x/xe:redirectTabletRulegt;lt;/xe:this.rulesgt;lt;/xe:redirectgt;

Answer: A

Question No: 19

Which is the correct server-side JavaScript statement for loading a quot;frmEntryquot;?

  1. dynamicContentl.loadContent(quot;frmEntryquot;);

  2. getComponent(quot;dynamicContentlquot;).show(quot;frmEntryquot;);

  3. XSP.showContent (**#{id:dynamicContentl}quot;,quot;frmEntryquot;) ;

  4. getComponent(quot;dynamicContentlquot;).showContent(quot;frmEntryquot;);

Answer: B

Question No: 20

What controls the size of the font that will be displayed in a Rounded List control of a mobile XPage set?

  1. the font attribute quot;sizequot;

  2. the style attribute quot;font-sizequot;

  3. the default of the Style Sheet

  4. the default of the mobile device

Answer: B

Reference:http://www- 10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/page.xsp?documentId=46907E5964AA4FB0852579290069EA 60amp;action=openDocumentamp;mode=original

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