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IBM Notes Traveler Administration

Question No: 1 – (Topic 1)

Which is required for Blackberry 10 devices to connect with IBM Domino mail?

  1. IBM Mobile Connect

  2. reverse proxy server

  3. IBM Notes Traveler server

  4. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Answer: C

Question No: 2 – (Topic 1)

IBM Notes Traveler includes support for two-way, push, manual, or scheduled syncing for mail, calendar, and contacts for supported Apple devices. Which other feature is supported?

  1. Notes Traveler supports syncing of the Reminders application.

  2. Contacts support includes syncing of all IBM Domino contact fields, including the photo field.

  3. Apple devices support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync syncing of the Notebook or To Do applications.

  4. Calendar support with exception of recurring events, including IBM Notes custom repeating events.

Answer: B

Question No: 3 – (Topic 1)

What is updated in the IBM Notes Traveler server to direct the server to use high availability functionality?

  1. replication settings of the users#39; mail files

  2. replication settings of the lotusTraveler.nsf

  3. notes.ini parameter NTS_DBCONNECTIONURL

  4. external server URL to be the value of the IP Sprayer

Answer: C

Question No: 4 – (Topic 1)

An administrator adds User A to an IBM Notes Traveler device settings document, which requires an alphanumeric password for Apple devices. The administrator then adds User A to Group A, which is listed in the Notes Traveler Policy Settings document. The Notes Traveler Policy Settings document requires Apple users to have a device password length of 6. What behavior will User A experience on the device?

  1. User A will be required to have an alphanumeric password.

  2. User A will be required to have the device password length of 6 characters.

  3. User A will not be prompted for a password at all because two policies have been applied.

  4. User A will not be prompted because this security option is not supported for Apple devices.

Answer: B

Question No: 5 – (Topic 1)

Which statement is true of sending encrypted mail messages from Apple iOS devices?

  1. There is no way to send an encrypted mail message from Apple iOS devices.

  2. Encrypted messages can only be sent to recipients who are also using an Apple iOS device.

  3. When the user composes a mail message in the native iOS client, the option to encrypt the message must be enabled.

  4. The only way to send an encrypted mail message from iOS is by sending it from a properly configured IBM Notes Traveler Companionapplication.

Answer: D

Question No: 6 – (Topic 1)

What can the MaxActiveThreads from a systemdump file be used to determine?

  1. current number of active HTTP threads

  2. current number of active IBM Notes Traveler threads

  3. maximum number of HTTP threads during peak usage

  4. maximum number of Notes Traveler threads during peak usage

Answer: A

Question No: 7 – (Topic 1)

What reason might an administrator choose to implement the IBM Notes Traveler default settings over the Notes Traveler Policy Settings document?

  1. The default settings document allows for different device settings per group.

  2. The default settings document applies updates almost immediately to Notes Traveler users

  3. The default settings document takes precedence over the Notes Traveler Policy Settings document

  4. The default settings document contains more options above and beyond the Notes Traveler Policy Settings document.

Answer: B

Question No: 8 – (Topic 1)

Which is true regarding mobile device management (MDM) software?

  1. An MDM solution is required for IBM Notes Traveler.

  2. Notes Traveler does not support third-party MDM solutions.

  3. Notes Traveler supports MDM solutions for iOS devices only.

  4. MDM software provides jailbreak and root detection features.

Answer: D

Question No: 9 – (Topic 1)

Charles is configuring the JDBC connectivity to an external SQL database. Which defines how JDBC connectivity is used with the IBM Notes Traveler application?

  1. enables the IBM Domino server to store SQL databases

  2. allows Notes Traveler administration using SQL statements

  3. enables Java programs to execute vendor-independent SQL statements

  4. allows storage of device configurations in external databases such as IBM DB2 and

SQL server

Answer: C

Question No: 10 – (Topic 1)

What could be a reason an IBM Notes Traveler server shows quot;constrainedquot;?

  1. The LDAP server used by Notes Traveler is offline.

  2. assigning 500 devices to a 32-bit Notes Traveler server

  3. assigning 100 power user devices to a 32-bit Notes Traveler server

  4. exact operating system versions of the devices attached to the server

Answer: B

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