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IBM Sametime 9.0 Administration

Question No: 1

Tony has implemented the parameter st_old_client_version_warning_message to notify his users who have not upgraded to the server#39;s minimum client version level.

Where did Tony specify this parameter on the server?

  1. stnotify.ini

  2. sametime.ini

  3. stsecurity.ini

  4. meetingserver.ini

Answer: C

Question No: 2

Richard needs to deploy the widget catalog to all of his employees and is using an IBM Domino policy to assist in doing so.

What setting will set the server name and will not allow his employees to make changes?

  1. Set catalog and limit changes.

  2. Set URL and disallow changes.

  3. Set value and prevent changes.

  4. Set configuration and negate changes.

Answer: A

Question No: 3

Jonathan wants to make the client installation package available from the IBM Sametime Welcome page.

Which action should he perform?

  1. Update the installer URL information in the install.xml file.

  2. Use the ArchiveCreator tool to generate the installer archive compressed files.

  3. Copy the entire contents of the network-install directory to server#39;s data directory.

  4. Configure the IBM Domino HTTP server to use SSL with a self-signed test certificate.

Answer: A

Question No: 4

Which step(s) need(s) to be completed in order for an IBM Sametime Meeting Server to access files stored on an IBM Connections server?

  1. Configure separate login properties for Files integration.

  2. Set up single sign-on between the Sametime Meeting Server and the Connections server running Files.

  3. Import a copy of the Files server#39;s SSL certificate to the Sametime Community and Sametime Meeting Servers.

  4. Configure Files integration on the Sametime Meeting Server and grant operating system read access to the Connections administrator ID.

Answer: B

Question No: 5

Charles is working with a user who has just experienced a crash on his IBM Sametime Mobile application on an iOS device.

How can Charles obtain the logs from the device?

  1. In the Sametime Mobile application, navigate to Info and click Send Logs.

  2. In the Apple Settings, navigate to Sametime – Troubleshooting and click Send Logs.

  3. The logs are automatically uploaded to the Sametime Proxy Server and can be retrieved from the Sametime System Console.

  4. Charles needs to log into the Sametime System Console and navigate to Sametime Servers – Sametime Proxy Server. After selecting the Sametime Proxy cluster, click on the quot;Retrieve Client Logsquot; button and specify the user#39;s distinguished name. Select the device to collect the logs from and click OK. Charles will receive a link to a download the file.

Answer: B

Question No: 6

John has setup multiple custom policies and has assigned groups to them. He now wants to make sure his IT director receives the correct set.

How can John check to see what policies have been assigned to his IT director?

  1. He should connect to the IBM Domino Administrator client and use the Find Active Policies search to display the list of policies assigned to his IT director.

  2. He cannot. Instead he should have created a specific policy for his IT director only.

  3. He should connect to IBM Sametime using his IT director#39;s credentials and test functionality.

  4. He should connect to the Sametime System Console and use the Find Active Policies search to display the list of policies assigned to his IT director.

Answer: D


http://www- 01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSKTXQ_8.0.0/com.ibm.help.sametime.imlu.doc/st_ adm_ldap_renamedllfiles_t.html

Question No: 7

If Todd needed to debug a problem on a TURN server, where would he apply the debug settings to enable the trace?

  1. TURN Server

  2. Video Manager

  3. Media Manager

  4. Sametime System Console

Answer: B


http://infolib.lotus.com/resources/sametime/9.0/ST900ACD041/en/st9_access_trouble_unin stall.html

Question No: 8

For a new installation of IBM Sametime, when should IBM DB2 be installed?

  1. Before installing any Sametime servers

  2. After installing the Sametime Community server

  3. DB2 is optional and only needed for Sametime Proxy server

  4. Before installing the Sametime System Console but after the IBM WebSphere Deployment Manager

Answer: D

Question No: 9

Which aspect of an IBM WebSphere JVM is tuned similarly for both the IBM Sametime Advanced Server and Sametime Gateway Server?

  1. garbage collection

  2. increase LTPAtimeout

  3. equal min/max heap size

  4. decrease thread pool size

Answer: A

Question No: 10

Which is true about executing the restoreConfig. [bat/sh] command?

  1. An admin can issue a restoreConfig. [bat/sh] command by declaring the list of nodes and backup files in a single text file.

  2. An admin will have to use the -stopnode switch to make sure all servers on the node are stopped to allow safe restoration of backup files.

  3. When running the restoreConfig. [bat/sh] command, all servers on the node will stop before the configuration restores the backup files.

  4. If an admin doesn#39;t specify the backup file, the restoreConfig. [bat/sh] utility will take the most recent file found under the app_server_root/config folder.

Answer: C

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