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IBM Sametime 9.0 Administration

Question No: 71

What is the purpose of the IBM Sametime Provisioning Application?

  1. Registers a company#39;s Sametime with AOL.

  2. Registers a company#39;s Sametime Gateway in DNS.

  3. Registers a company#39;s Sametime Gateway with Yahoo.

  4. Registers a company#39;s Sametime Gateway with the XMPP Server Directory.

Answer: C

Question No: 72

After installing the IBM Domino server and before installing the IBM Sametime Community Server, the Domino Server document on the Internet Protocols – HTTP tabs: quot;Bind to host namequot; field must be set to quot;Enabledquot; when installing on?

  1. IBM i

  2. Microsoft Windows

  3. Windows servers and IBM AIX

  4. Linux servers that do not use partitioned Domino servers

Answer: C

Question No: 73

Renovations Inc. has acquired a new division from ZetaBank and merged them into their LDAP directory so they can access IBM Sametime Instant Messaging. The LDAP administrator has sent this excerpt of the directory to the Sametime administrator to acknowledge the merge has been performed:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Users from the ZetaBank acquisition are not able to log into Sametime Instant Messaging.

What should the Sametime administrator do to correct the issue?

  1. Reset the user passwords.

  2. Modify the base DN for search.

  3. Restart the Sametime Community Server.

  4. Modify the search filter quot;Search filter for resolving person namesquot;.

Answer: C

Question No: 74

Marie, an IBM Sametime administrator, wants to be able to restrict users from sharing PDF#39;s during Sametime Meetings.

Which preference would she modify?

  1. docshare.conversion.denied

  2. dochsare.conversion.allowed

  3. docshare.conversion.exclude

  4. dochshare.conversion.include

Answer: C

Question No: 75

What is the minimum IBM WebSphere Application Server version supported by the IBM Sametime Proxy 9.0 Server?

  1. WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 7.0

  2. WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 8.0

  3. WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 8.5

  4. WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 8.5.5

Answer: D



Question No: 76

John, as part of his daily duties as an IBM Sametime Administrator, wants to monitor the JVM performance of the IBM WebSphere Application Server hosting the Sametime Meeting Server.

What actions does John need to take?

  1. John has to install a Performance Monitoring tool from a third party.

  2. John can enable the performance monitoring agent in the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.

  3. John should open Task Manager on his Windows operating system and monitor the java.exe processes for memory consumption.

  4. John needs to turn on JVM Garbage Collection in the WebSphere Application Server configuration for the STMeeting Server application.

Answer: B

Question No: 77

What is a required protocol for IBM Sametime?

  1. Banyan Vines

  2. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

  3. AppleTalk address resolution protocol (AARP)

  4. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Answer: D

Question No: 78

How would Sifa, an IBM Sametime administrator, export/import an LTPA token ?

  1. She would copy the LTPA key to the same directory location on each

  2. She would exchange the certificate keys between the participating servers.

  3. She would use Global Security Settings in the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.

  4. She would configure Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) for single sign-on between the participating servers.

Answer: C

Question No: 79

Brian has implemented new IBM Sametime policies through the Sametime System Console. He would like to verify the information is properly sent to his Sametime Community Servers.

Which file should he open for verification?

  1. stpolicy.xml

  2. stpolicy.nsf

  3. policy.user.xml

  4. policy.server.xml

Answer: D

Question No: 80

Assuming the user is allowed by policy to communicate with external contacts, what is an indicator that there is a problem with an IBM Sametime Gateway server?

  1. An external contact appears offline.

  2. External contacts do not show up in a user#39;s contact list.

  3. An external contact is online but does not respond to instant messages.

  4. When a user tries to add an external contact, the quot;Add external contact by E-mail addressquot; checkbox is missing from the New Contact dialog box.

Answer: D

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