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Juniper Networks – SDN and Automation, Specialist (JNCIS-SDNA)

Question No: 11

What is the function of an NFV Orchestrator?

  1. It coordinates the life cycle of VNFs that jointly instantiate a network service.

  2. It manages the infrastructure.

  3. It manages the NFVI compute, storage,and network resources in the cloud data center.

  4. It is responsible for service life-cycle management, including instantiating, scaling, upgrading, downgrading, modifying, and terminating VNFs.

Answer: A Explanation:

http://www.juniper.net/assets/kr/kr/local/pdf/whitepapers/2000633-en.pdf Page: 3

Question No: 12

Which two statements describe the default network policy in OpenStack? (Choose two.)

  1. UDP, TCP, and ICMP are permitted.

  2. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are permitted.

  3. Only IPv4 is permitted.

  4. Only UDP and TCP are permitted.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 13

Which role does OpenStack serve in SDN?

  1. vRouter

  2. controller

  3. gateway

  4. orchestrator

Answer: D

Question No: 14

What are three ways to deploy an MX Series device as an SDN gateway? (Choose three.)

  1. Configure as an SDN-to-SDN gateway.

  2. Configure as an L4 gateway.

  3. Configure as an L2gateway.

  4. Configure as an L3 gateway.

  5. Configure as an application gateway.

Answer: A,C,D Explanation:

https://forums.juniper.net/t5/Data-Center-Directions/Connecting-Islands-of-Resources-in- an-SDN-Data-Center/ba-p/214445

Question No: 15

What are two characteristics of IP traffic load balancing in aContrail service chain? (Choose two.)

  1. It can be configured at every level of the service chain.

  2. It distributes traffic on a per packet basis.

  3. It is supported in routed and bridged service chain modes.

  4. It prevents polarization by object registration of the VM.

Answer: A Explanation:

http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/en_US/contrail2.0/information-products/pathway- pages/getting-started.pdf Page: 258

Question No: 16

Which standards body maintains the NFV architecture?

  1. ETSI

  2. IETF

  3. ITU

  4. IEEE

Answer: A

Question No: 17

You have an OpenStack environment and a compute instance has crashed. You attempt to restart theAWM instance and you receive the message shown below.

Invalid: Instance has already been created InstanceNotFound: Instance AWM could not be found.

What does this message indicate?

  1. The instance is headless.

  2. Keystone has a corrupted lock file forthe instance.

  3. The database has an invalid identifier for the instance.

  4. The instance is stuck in an inactive state.

Answer: A Explanation:


Question No: 18

Which two statements about NFV are true? (Choose two.)

  1. NFV enables vertically scalable deployment of virtualized services.

  2. NFV allows a great dealof flexibility in data centers.

  3. NFV provides a framework for management and orchestration.

  4. NFV is ideal for micro-applications.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 19

You are troubleshooting a Contrail environment and need to verify the version information on all participating nodes.

Which two actions accomplish this task#39;? (Choose two.)

  1. Issue the contrail-version on command on each participating node.

  2. Issue the fab all_version command on each participating node from the /opt/contrail/utils directory.

  3. Issue the contrail-version command on the config node.

  4. Issue the fab all_version command on the config node from the /opt/contrail/utils directory.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 20

Using the console, you cannot connect into a running instance within the Horizon GUI. You have confirmed that the corresponding compute node hosting the instance is running, and that the instance has an operational status.

What is preventing you from connecting to the running instance in this scenario?

  1. the testbed.py script

  2. the Heat Template

  3. the nova-consoleauth service

  4. the supervisor-vrouter service

Answer: C

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