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IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Commerce V7 (FEP 8)

Question No: 41

An administrator needs to reduce the time taken for the WebSphere Commerce Build and Deploy (WCBD) deployment process by excluding out-of-the-box EAR assets.Which is the recommended way to accomplish this?

  1. Exclude EAR folder during manual checkout from the source control system

  2. Create a new file called ear-dir-excludes.txt at the root of the WebSphere Commerce project, then add the exclusion patterns to the file

  3. update the wsadmin script to exclude EAR asset from being deployed to the target system

  4. Remove EAR entries directly from the source folder

Answer: B

Question No: 42

An administrator is informed that the response time of their custom REST search services

is poor compared to out-of-the-box REST search services, when accessed from an external application.

Which of the following should the administrator examine first?

  1. Server side caching implementation via cachespec.xml

  2. Heap size settings for the Search Server JVM

  3. Search caching settings in solrConfig.xml

  4. Threading directive settings in httpd.conf for the search web server

Answer: A

Question No: 43

An administrator needs to create a backup cluster. Which step needs to be taken?

  1. Ensure that the Core group bridge service for primary cluster is disabled.

  2. Ensure that Mirrored cluster support is configured by default

  3. Ensure that the name and a domain bootstrap address of the bootstrap host specified while configuring the cluster is that of the Commerce Application Server

  4. Ensure that the primary cluster and the backup cluster reside in separate cells

Answer: D

Question No: 44

When using REST services in a WebSphere Commerce B2B site, which statement is true?

  1. Since WebSphere Commerce fully supports B2B functionalities, this scenario is appropriate

  2. REST services is stateless, so it doesn#39;t require authentication

  3. in order for the user to browse the catalog, authentication is always required

  4. When using REST, all users will always be allowed to browse the catalog

Answer: D

Question No: 45

Which mechanism(s) does WebSphere Commerce use to ensure integrity in the database?

  1. OPTCOUNTERINFO field in every table in the database

  2. Database triggers

  3. Repeatable read database transaction isolation level

  4. Optimistic locking andoptimistic concurrency control

Answer: A

Question No: 46

A WebSphere Commerce administrator is configuring a new scheduled job that must only run on JVMs on a particular server in the production cluster. How can the administrator ensure that the new job is only run on this server?

  1. Log on to the administration console specifically on the server that needs the job to be run on before creating the new job

  2. specify the server#39;s IP address in the Target field when creating the scheduled job

  3. Create a custom JVM property quot;com.ibm.commerce.scheduler.SchedulerHostNamequot; with a specific chosen value in the JVM(s) on the server, then

    use the chosen property value as the:#39;hostquot; parameter for the new job

  4. Modify the wc-serverxml for the server in question and add the name of the job to the Allowed JobsToRun comma-delimited list

Answer: C

Question No: 47

Which two of the following databases are supported in a WebSphere Commerce production environment? (Select two.)

  1. Apache Derby

  2. Informix D

  3. DB2

  4. Oracle

  5. SQL Server

Answer: C,D

Question No: 48

An administrator has been asked to add a new cache entry to the fragment cache configuration for a store#39;s web application in a production instance. The change must take effect as soon as it is implemented.

How can this be accomplished?

  1. Add the new entry to the cachespec.xml file in the Stores.war/WEB-INF directory and restart the application

  2. Add the new entry to the cachespec.xml file in the Stores.war/WEB-INF directory, and the change will be applied automatically when the changes are saved.

  3. Submit the new entry on the Cache Configuration page of the Cache Monitor application, then click the Reload button from the main screen of the Cache Monitor

  4. Submit the new entry on the Cache Configuration page of the Cache Monitor application, then refresh the Cache registry from the WebSphere Commerce Administration Console

Answer: B

Question No: 49

An administrator notices a timeout error when starting the WebSphere Commerce server. The following error is found in the SystemOut.log:

TimeoutManage IWTRN0006W: Transaction 00000I099357C2970000000100000004FCFED

88BFED69AEE8FD3DICC3BIA5DC7EEBFC910000001099357C2970000000100000004E CFED88BFED6 9AEE8FD3D1CC3B1A5DC7EEBFC91000000001 has timed out after

1200 seconds.

What is the best solution for this issue?

  1. The size of the Systemout.log file might not be sufficient. The administrator should set larger log size.

  2. The default timeout setting in the database might not be sufficient. The administrator should update the value in the database and restart the server.

  3. The default memory allocation might not be sufficient. The administrator should increase JVM memory.

  4. The default value of Total Transaction Lifetime Timeout 1200 seconds might not be sufficient.The administrator should increase the Total Transaction Lifetime Timeout.

Answer: D

Question No: 50

Which of the following WebSphere Commerce components implement core business functionality?

  1. Catalog, Merchandising, Marketing, Promotions, Payments, Logging, Troubleshooting

  2. Runtime, Integration, Tooling, Business policy, Command framework

  3. Catalog, Merchandising, Marketing, Promotions, Trading, Member, Order

  4. Payments, Reporting, Integration, Marketing, Catalog, Struts

Answer: A

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