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IBM i Administration V1

Question No: 41

Several printers were moved from one IP subnet to another overnight. The printers are accessed by their Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). The FQDNs were changed to resolve to the new addresses the following morning, but the IBM i will still not print to the new printers. The printers can be pinged by their IP addresses.

What is the cause of this problem?

  1. The DNS server was not restarted to present the new addresses.

  2. The network route to the new subnet is missing.

  3. IBM i has cached the resolved IP address before the change.

  4. CHGDEVPRT was not run on each device to get the new address

Answer: C

Question No: 42

When creating a new journal environment, what allows for a significant performance increase if a program makes a largenumber of changes to a journaled file?

  1. Create journal QDFTJRN in library QSYS and set Performance to #39;HIGH.

  2. Change Journal Cache to quot;YES on the journal.

  3. Change file attributes of thejournaledfile to allow journal caching.

  4. Set Journal Performance to quot;HIGH on the journal.

Answer: B

Question No: 43

Which TCP/IP ports are valid when used to remotely connect via SSL or non-SSL to the HMC for 5250 console access?

A. 23 and 992

B. 2300 and 2301

C. 2100 and 2300

D. 22 and 23

Answer: B

Question No: 44

Which statement is correct about installing system firmware on a single image system that has no HMC?

  1. The updates are concurrent when PowerVM Enterprise Edition is installed.

  2. The updates are always disruptive.

  3. The updates are concurrent when the firmware version stays the same.

  4. The updates are disruptive only when PowerVM Express is installed.

Answer: B

Question No: 45

The administrator is given the task to secure specific tables in a library by granting specified users access.

Which security action is needed to accomplish the task?

  1. Use CHGUSRPRF command and add the library as quot;SPECIAL to the group profile. Add the individual users to the group profile.

  2. Use the GRTOBJAUT command and select the user profiles. Add the users to the tables.

  3. Use the CRTAUTL command and add the library/tables to the authorization list. Add the users to the authority list.

  4. Use the CRTAUTL command and add the authorization list to the library. Select the tables to secure.

Answer: C

Question No: 46

An administrator has multiple, geographically separated, IBM i systems to manage. The administrator must monitor system performance and run performance analysis on an as- needed basis, from web browsers inside and outside the corporate network.

Which web-based tool will support the requirements#39;?

  1. IBM Performance Management for Power Systems

  2. IBM i Performance Data Investigator

  3. System i Navigator for Windows Management Central

  4. IBM i Performance Tools Management Feature

Answer: A

Question No: 47

A subsystem description is configured as shown in the following screens;

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Users are assigned to each job queue to run their batch work. The users assigned to the ACCOUNTING job queue are complaining that their batch jobs are occasionally not running. Other users do not experience this issue.

Why are ACCOUNTING users experiencing this problem?

  1. The jobs in the ACCOUNTING queue are run at the lowest execution pnonty based on the sequence number field Jobs from CORP and ENGR are consuming all the processing capability allowed for the subsystem.

  2. The run priority of the job does not match the sequence number of the job queue entry.

  3. The subsystem starts jobs up to the maximum allowed for each job queue starting with the lowest sequence number (SEQ NBR column)

  4. The auxiliary storage pool group is not set to match the number of job queue entries in the subsystem.

Answer: B

Question No: 48

An administrator is working on a hardware replacement for a current system

Which tool should be used to determine if the current LIC, OS, and existing adapters may be migrated to the new system?

  1. IBM PreUpgrade Verification Tool

  2. IBM Workload Estimator

  3. IBM System Planning Tool

  4. IBM Migration Modeler

Answer: D

Question No: 49

A file PF1 exists in library XYZLIB,and FILE2 exists in IFS directory ABCDIR.

What are the minimum set of authorities to grant a user read-only access to XYZLIB/PF1 and /ABCDIR/FILE2?

  1. 1)*USEforXYZUBandPF1

    2) *X for ABCDIR and *R for FILE2

  2. 1)*XforXYZUB,*RforPF1

    2) *USE for ABCDIR and FILE2

  3. 1) *CHANGE for XYZLIB and PF1

    2) *RX for ABCDIR and *R for FILE2

  4. 1) *USE for XYZLIB: *CHANGE for PF1

2) *RX for ABCDIR and *RX for FILE2

Answer: B

Question No: 50

An administrator has bean directed to configure DDM using TCP/IP between two systems: quot;SYSTEM1quot; and quot;SYSTEM2quot;. Both systems are in the site DNS. Applications on both systems require DDM access to files on the other system.

The administratorhas made sure that the RemoteDatabaseDirectory has the *LOCALentry configured correctly on both systems.

What is additionally required so the communications will function correctly between the systems?

  1. Add a Remote Database Directory entry for the other system

  2. Add a host table entry for QDDMSERVER using address quot;LOOPBACK on each system

  3. Add a host table entry for the local system in its hosts table

  4. Change the quot;DDM Request Accessquot; setting in the network attributes to QDDMSERVER

Answer: A

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