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IBM Power Systems POWER8 Sales Skills V2

Question No: 21

A customer requires eight virtual machines.

Which of the following operating system choices will provide the greatest advantage in Total Cost of Acquisition for POWER8 hardware and software?

  1. IBM i

  2. VIOS

  3. Red Hat

  4. AIX

Answer: A

Question No: 22

A customer’s POWER8 system has disk expansion drawers and needs to non-disruptively install a solution to improve the disk performance at the lowest cost.

What should be proposed to satisfy the customer’s requirement?

  1. IBM FlashSystems

  2. DCS3700

  3. SSD drives

D. V7000

Answer: D

Question No: 23

Which of the following is an advantage of POWER8 architecture over HP-x86 architecture?

  1. Database integration

  2. More threads per core

  3. More cores per socket

  4. Faster clock speeds

Answer: B

Question No: 24

A customer is nearing maximum energy consumption in their data center and wants to measure and predict energy use.

Which POWER8 feature will provide the required function?

  1. Power trending

  2. Power capping

  3. Power saver mode

  4. Power core nap mode

Answer: A

Question No: 25

Which systems can be members of the same Power Enterprise Pool?

  1. E850 and 750

  2. E870 and E880

  3. S822 and S824

  4. E880 and 795

Answer: D

Question No: 26

A customer agrees that the proposed POWER8 server would best meet their short and long term growth requirements. However, due to a reduced capital budget, they cannot make a purchase.

What action is most appropriate?

  1. Obtain special bid pricing to lower the cost.

  2. Reduce the server’s configuration to lower the cost.

  3. Wait until the following year to make the purchase.

  4. Recommend alternative financing, such as a lease.

Answer: D

Question No: 27

IBM is competing with Cisco for a large Oracle database opportunity.

What advantage of POWER8 systems should an IBM Power reseller emphasize?

  1. They run Linux.

  2. They can be virtualized.

  3. They are managed by a single pane of glass.

  4. They offer greater scalability.

Answer: D

Question No: 28

Which of the following RAS features is available on POWER8 Scale-out servers?

  1. Redundant System Clocks

  2. Dynamic Processor Deallocation

  3. Capacity on Demand

  4. Redundant System Processors

Answer: A

Question No: 29

A customer with an E870 recently acquired a small company with an x86 Linux server running a scripting Java application. They would like to run that application on their E870, but are concerned about the porting effort.

How should the salesperson respond?

  1. POWER8 systems come with Nvidia coprocessors designed specifically to run most x86 Linux applications in their native modes.

  2. Well-written Linux on x86 applications written in scripting Java or more interpretive languages will run as is, with no changes.

  3. IBM Bluemix is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that creates a hybrid OpenStack environment of AIX, IBM i and Linux.

  4. PowerKVM is an open-source virtualization solution designed to run Linux-only applications written in C and Java applications from x86.

Answer: D

Question No: 30

Which open source database company offers Postgres Advanced Server on POWER8 systems and has Oracle compatibility?

  1. MySQL

  2. EnterpriseDB

  3. MS SQL

  4. MariaDB

Answer: B

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