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IBM System Storage DS8000 Technical Solutions

Question No: 1

The customer has had disgruntled employees walk out of the data center with components. Which three components are encrypted to prevent a data breach? (Choose three.)

  1. Solid state drives

  2. Hard disk drives

  3. Cache modules

  4. Host Bus Adapters

  5. High-Performance Flash Enclosures

  6. Hardware Management Consoles

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 2

A customer wants a synchronous copy solution.

Which feature provides this customer with the needed solution?

  1. Global Copy

  2. Metro Mirror

  3. Global Mirror

  4. Metro Global Mirror

Answer: B

Reference:http://www- 07.ibm.com/storage/includes/content/news/center/disk/enterprise/downloads/TSS00241US EN.PDF(page 4)

Question No: 3

What are the standard connection types that provide the capability for sending and receiving data between the client and IBM?

  1. Ethernet and modem

  2. Modem and FCoE

  3. FCoE and Broadband

  4. Infiniband and Ethernet

Answer: A

Question No: 4

A customer is comparing the storage offerings between IBM and Fujitsu. The main criteria in the comparison is fully automated sub-LUN storage tiering. Fujitsu is offering its ETERNUS DX8700 S2 withFlexible Tier.

Which competitive storage solution should be proposed for this bid?

  1. IBM FlashSystem 900, which includes Flash technology

  2. IBM XIV with a demonstration of its grid architecture

  3. IBM DS8870 with TPC, which includes comprehensive storage resource management

  4. IBM DS8870, which includes the Easy Tier function with its base software

Answer: D

Question No: 5

What is defined as 鈥渘on-volatile storage鈥?in an IBM DS8870 controller?

  1. 50% of the cache in each controller

  2. Cache in each I/O adapter card that increases reliability

  3. Cache memory modules which are mirrored

  4. Cache memory used to hold data not written to disk

Answer: D

Question No: 6

Which two functions are supported by AssistOn-site(AOS)?(Choose two.)

  1. Call home

  2. Inbound support

  3. Data Offload

  4. Secure Data Overwrite

  5. Troubleshooting

Answer: A,E

Question No: 7

Which product will provide a customer with full encryption for all data with server-based key management?

  1. IBM DS8870

  2. IBM FlashSystem 900

  3. IBM Storwize V7000 v7.4

  4. IBM Spectrum Virtualize v7.4

Answer: A


Question No: 8

Which feature of the IBM DS8870 will provide a customer with continuous availability with no outage in a single site?

  1. Metro Mirror

  2. Multi-target PPRC

  3. Global Mirror

  4. HyperSwap

Answer: C

Question No: 9

Which solution should you recommend to a customer looking for and FB storage solution

that can support a minimum of 72 8 Gb direct FC host connections and 1.2 PB raw capacity of storage?

  1. Three Frame, 2-core IBM DS8870 Business Class

  2. Single Frame 4-core IBM DS8870 Enterprise Class

  3. Four Frame, 16-core IBM DS8870 Business Class

  4. Two Frame, 8-core IBM DS8870 Enterprise Class

Answer: D Reference:http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/Redbooks.nsf/RedbookAbstracts/tips1180.html?O pen(see table 3)

Question No: 10

How much more effective capacity does a TiB have over a TB when reported by Capacity Magic?

  1. One TiB represents 3.37% more effective capacity that one TB.

  2. One TiB represents 5.41% more effective capacity than one TB.

  3. One TiB represents 9.95% more effective capacity than one TB.

  4. One TiB represents 7.37% more effective capacity than one TB.

Answer: C

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