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IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 Solution Development

Question No: 31

Ella developed a custom application object to extend the Personalization engine with a custom user attribute.

The custom class was packaged into a JAR file archive and placed on the server. Then, the portal was restarted.

What must Ella do before she can create a business rule using the new user attribute?

  1. Add the attribute directly to the page.

  2. Add a Resource Collection to the Personalization engine.

  3. Add the Application Object to the Personalization engine.

  4. quot;Show Rule Mappingsquot; needs to be enabled on the portlet.

Answer: C

Explanation: Explanation :

An application object is a java object existing at a known location in the request context. Defining an application object involves specifying the object’s class name (as a Java鈩?class),

and specifying a key (string key into a session attribute) to find it in the request context. Personalization

Question No: 32

Arthur developed two portlet applications to support the same event- the choosePerson event. This event uses the quot;http://example.ibm.com/portletsquot; namespace, and its payload type is the com.ibm.example .Person class.

Arthur deployed one portlet from each portlet application to the same portal page. He also wired one portlet (Portlet A) as the event source and the other portlet (Portlet B) as the event target. When Arthur tests the portlet communication, he does not see that the com. ibm. example. Person object was transferred to Portlet B after the event was fired from Portlet A.

How can Arthur resolve this problem for optimal performance?

  1. Ensure that the quot;Globalquot; check box is selected on the Wire Configuration page.

  2. Update the com. ibm. example. Per son class to support serialization and XML serialization by adding JAXB annotations.

  3. Move the com. ibm. example. Person class out of the two web archive (WAR) files and into an IBM WebSphere Application Server shared library that is used by both WAR files.

  4. Ensure that quot;http://example.ibm.com/portletsquot; namespace is specified as the direct namespace for the event declaration for both portlet.xml files, rather than the default namespace for each portlet.xml file.

Answer: D

Question No: 33

Chris is working on a custom theme and it is required to work on multiple runtimes. How does he implement the custom theme?

  1. Abstract dynamic content and give it a logical name.

  2. Create multiple copies oftheme.html for each runtime.

  3. Create multiple dynamic content spots for each runtime.

  4. Use the lt;rel … -gt; to add multiple Java Server Pages definitions.

Answer: A


Explanation :

you can add dynamic content to your custom theme by using either client-side or server- side logic.

Client-side logic

You can add client-side logic, for example JavaScript, iWidgets, live text, to the WebDAV file store and reference it in the theme.html file .

Server-side logic

You can reference a JSP in the theme.html file by using a dynamic content spot. You cannot add a JSP to WebDAV, because it needs a servlet context to compile and execute.

Question No: 34

John wants to change the default behavior of IBM WebSphere Portal so that any user who authenticates by using an explicit login is redirected to a particular page.

Which option is a valid implementation of this custom behavior?

  1. Specify the URL of the page in the redirect, login, url property in the configuration service.

  2. Specify the URL of the page in the redirect .login, url property in the authentication service.

  3. Specify the URL of the page in the redirect, login, authenticated, url property in the configuration service.

  4. Specify the URL of the page in the redirect, login, authenticated, url property in the authentication service.

Answer: A

Question No: 35

Tyler is developing a portlet that allows a user to see all the pages that the user can access in the portal. Which portal model should Tyler use to get the pages that are visible to the specific user who is logged in?

  1. Layout model

  2. Content model

  3. Navigation model

  4. Navigation Selection model

Answer: C

Question No: 36

Frank has a portlet that accesses PUMA to retrieve some details about a user to control what is displayed in his custom portlet (user categories). After some analysis, he sees that performance is poor and feels that this issue is because of PUMA. Frank would like to store some of the PUMA objects in the session.

Which PUMA object can be stored safely in the session?

  1. PumaHome

  2. PumaLocator

  3. PumaProfile

  4. PumaController

Answer: A Explanation:

Explanation : PumaProfile

Contains methods that provide read-only access to the User and Group attributes and identifiers. You can use this interface to get the User object for the current user.


Contains methods for looking up User and Group objects. You can use this interface to obtain a List of Group objects for all of the groups in which the current user is a member. Beginning with Version 7.0 of WebSphere庐 Portal, paging is supported. Which means that the result set is split up into subsets (pages) and a special iterator can be used to access the pages.


Contains methods for creating and deleting Users and Groups and for modifying the User and Group profiles and membership.


Contains methods to retrieve virtual principals, access general properties for user management, and a method to bypass access control for the user and group management layer.

Before the portlet can use these provider objects, it must first retrieve the appropriate home interface, depending on the type of application.

Standard portlet com.ibm.portal.um.portletservice.PumaHome

Question No: 37

Jack wants to allow users to bookmark his portal page. He is using the following code:


lt;a href=quot;lt;% wpsURL.write(out); %gt;quot;gt; My Page

lt;/agt; lt;/portal-navigation:urlGenerationgt;

What change must he make to this code to allow users to bookmark the page?

  1. The code is correct and will allow the users to bookmark the page.

  2. He must include the normalize=quot;truequot; attribute to indicate that the URL to be generated should be normalized.

  3. He must include the forceAbsolute=quot;truequot; attribute to indicate that the URL to be generated should be absolute.

  4. He must include the keepNavigationalState=quot;truequot; attribute to indicate that the URL to be generated should keep the current navigational state, which will include all portlet modes, states, and render parameters in the URL.

Answer: D

Question No: 38

Which statements are true regarding the lt;portal-core: stateBase/gt; tag? (Choose two.)

  1. It improves page serving performance.

  2. It can be used in both themes and skins.

  3. It has no impact on page serving performance.

  4. It can be used in both header and body sections.

  5. It stores a base URL that can be used instead of full, newly-coded URLs.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 39

Assuming that the user-agent was correctly configured as a_smartphone, what syntax in the theme module definition should be used to include a resource that is specific to this client?

  1. lt;uri value=quot;res:/HelloWorld/css/a_smartphone.cssquot; /gt;

  2. lt;uri smartPhone=quot;res:/HelloWorld/css/a_smartphone.cssquot; /gt;

  3. lt;uri userAgent=quot;smartphonequot; value=quot;res:/HelloWorld/css/a_smartphone.cssquot; /gt;

  4. lt;uri deviceClass=quot;smartphonequot; value=quot;res:/HelloWorld/css/a_smartphone.cssquot; /gt;

Answer: D

Question No: 40

Sally developed a custom theme module that requires Dojo to render it. In the custom module definition,

she added the Dojo modules to the prerequisite list. Sally then added her custom module to the non-deferred section of the

Deferred (Default) profile, leaving the Dojo modules in the deferred section.

What is the result of rendering a page in view mode with the Deferred (Default) profile assigned?

  1. The custom module is not run.

  2. The Dojo modules are promoted to non-deferred.

  3. A JavaScript error occurs, indicating that Dojo is undefined.

  4. A server-side error occurs, indicating that the Dojo modules are deferred.

Answer: B

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