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IBM Digital Experience 8.5 Fundamentals

Question No: 21

Jonathan plans to integrate external XML data using IBM digital data connector (DDC).

Which of these must he use to map the external XML data structure to the data attributes used by

IBM Web Content Manager Design components?

  1. a bean list

  2. an XML DDC plug-in

  3. a list rendering profile

  4. a list rendering context

Answer: C Explanation:

A list-rendering profile defines the set of attributes available in the beans that are contained in bean lists that a DDC plug-in generates. Furthermore, the generic XML DDC plug-in supports listrendering profiles to define the mapping between the XML data structure and the actual attribute values. You define this mapping by associating the attribute definitions in the profile with individual XPath expressions.

Question No: 22

In which directory is the log4j. properties file for debugging an IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5?

  1. Create the portal databases.

  2. Review the system requirements.

  3. Create users and groups in the LDAP or user registry.

  4. Connect to a repository by using IBM Installation Manager to download the binaries.

Answer: D

Question No: 23

Which option in the Theme Optimization Analyzer can be used to diagnose problems with a customer’s theme for IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5?

  1. Utilities

  2. Validation report

  3. Examine modules

  4. Examine Page profiles

Answer: B

Reference: https://greenhouse.lotus.com/plugins/plugincatalog.nsf/assetDetails.xsp?action=editDocum entamp;do cumentId=6F106EACA45124D685257B9400682966 (new with version 2.0)

Question No: 24

John finds that the IBM Web Content Manager is on a different server than the IBM WebSphere

Portal. He wants to display content from the remote web content system on a portal page.

How can John achieve this with Web Content Manager view portlet?

  1. Set up an Ajax proxy in the WebSphere Portal to get the remote content in the web content viewer.

  2. Set up a web application bridge in IBM WebSphere Portal to get the remote content to the web content viewer.

  3. Use the web content viewer and the WSRP support in the WebSphere Portal to render content from remote content server.

  4. Remote content cannot be rendered using a web content viewer. Web content systems must be on the same server as the WebSphere Portal.

Answer: C

Reference: https://www-

10.lotus.com/ldd/portalwiki.nsf/dx/Rendering_Web_Content_Viewer_portlet_consumed_fro m_Rem

ote_IBM_Web_Content_Manager_V7_using_WSRP. Setup_and_troubleshooting_guide.

Question No: 25

When determining sizing for a production portal, what is a good first step?

  1. Gather current site configuration

  2. Determine portal governance in the organization

  3. Order servers and specifications based on anecdotal information.

  4. Submit a Techline sizing questionnaire to IBM for a best practice review.

Answer: A

Question No: 26

What is a key benefit of using IBM WebSphere Portal ReleaseBuilder?

  1. Performance

  2. Debugging Ability

  3. Secure Implementations

  4. Disaster Recovery Redundancy

Answer: A

Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21243005

Question No: 27

Which task should an administrator run to populate web content libraries with information about the portal pages in the system?

  1. create-page-nodes

  2. create-page-cells

  3. create-managed-page

  4. create-managed-cell

Answer: A Explanation:

To populate web content libraries with information about the portal pages in the system, run the create-page-nodes task from the wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine directory.

Question No: 28

What user level is allowed to use WebDAV by default?

  1. only administrators

  2. all authenticated users

  3. none allowed by default

  4. both administrators and authenticated users

Answer: A

Question No: 29

Paul has choosen IBM Forms Server – Webform server to use with IBM Forms Designer 8.x.

What is the main component of Forms Server – Web Form Server?

  1. Refresher

  2. Translator

  3. Compressor 8.1

  4. Document Filler 1

Answer: B

Reference: http://www-


Question No: 30

When is an IBM WebSphere Portal database transfer required?

  1. when security is enabled

  2. when the database must be hidden

  3. before the trial period for the default database expires

  4. when IBM WebSphere Portal server is used extensively

Answer: C

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