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IBM Rational IT Sales Mastery Test v2

Question No: 11

What makes the Rational Deployment and Automation Solutions stand out over other possible solutions?

Rational D amp; A .

  1. Allows customers to implement the solution incrementally over time. They can focus adoption in those areas that are causing them the most pain.

  2. Relies entirely on a customizable Plugin engine so that customers can write logic to support the tasks they want to do.

  3. Relies on integrating a mix of Rational and open-source technologies.

  4. Combines the best of open source tooling and integrations built by leveraging OSLC standards

Answer: A

Question No: 12

What product can be used by quality managers, business analysts and release management to access readiness for delivery of an application?

  1. Rational Quality Manager

  2. Rational Test Lab Manager

  3. Rational Functional Tester

  4. Rational Purify Plus

Answer: A

Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/rational/products/rqm/ (overview, 3rd bulleted point)

Question No: 13

The increasing value of software to businesses and the corresponding investments made in software development is the primary driver to improve which of the following?

  1. Application modeling amp; design using UML

  2. Capturing requirements against selected engineering disciplines

  3. Measuring / monitoring the performance of software portfolio investments.

  4. Build and deploy automation.

Answer: C

Question No: 14

Which statement best represents Smarter Application Portfolio Management#39;s (APM#39;s) competitive differentiators?

  1. IBM#39;s long standing relationship with key customers.

  2. Smarter APM#39;s depth in Planning and Analysis capabilities.

  3. Rationale’s strength and leadership in software development and delivery

  4. The fast growing leadership mindshare generated by Smarter APM.

Answer: C

Question No: 15

What differentiates Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) Accelerator for IT agility@scale from other market leading solutions?

  1. Advanced security management

  2. Completely web based solution.

  3. Support for Visual Studio as well as Eclipse.

  4. Common real-time planning for work and common Jazz team server platform.

Answer: D

Question No: 16

Which statement describes the advantages enjoyed by organizations that deliver new products to the market?

  1. Shorter project lifecycles allow organizations the opportunity to introduce new products more frequently.

  2. Changing product definitions provide opportunities to deliver new offerings.

  3. Longer product lifecyles have been proven to increase software quality.

  4. On average companies enjoy a 20% margin advantage on their new products.

Answer: D

Reference: https://aberdeen.brightidea.com/ct/ct_a_view_blog.bix?c=D7BBD16E-2F91- 433E-A889-63552D96F948amp;bID={8DBBE357-83D6-42FD-ADAF-347490403F87}

(second paragraph)

Question No: 17

How does Rational Software Architect use modeling to address IT application complexity?

  1. Developers use it to test and debug inherited processes.

  2. IT professionals use it encourage non-managed evaluations.

  3. Testers use it to limit rework, delays, and warranty costs.

  4. Architects use it to analyze impact from changing requirements throughout the design and implementation

Answer: D

Question No: 18

Rational Software Architect is valued by software architects because it is used to:

  1. Gather initial architectural requirements.

  2. Test and validate the architecture.

  3. Ensure the client certifies the standards.

  4. Make applications smaller.

Answer: B

Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/rational/products/swarchitect/simulation/

Question No: 19

Many organizations depend on web-based software to run their business processes, conduct transactions and deliver increasingly sophisticated services to customers.

What is a key way that Rational AppScan helps organizations better secure those applications?

  1. It provides a run time monitor of web applications to prevent unwanted intrusions.

  2. It enables organizations to embed application security testing throughout the development life cycle to help increase visibility and control while employing a risk mitigation strategy.

  3. It provides authentication and identification services to ensure that only authorized users can access mission critical applications.

  4. It analyzes network traffic to identify trojan horses, malware, etc.

Answer: B

Reference: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=vamp;q=cache:G7QOvaeV3BIJ:ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/co mmon/ssi/ecm/en/rab14001usen/RAB14001USEN_HR.PDF IBM rational appscan enabl es organizations to embed application security testing throughout the development li fe cycle to help increase visibility and control while employing a risk mitigation stra tegyamp;hl=enamp;gl=pkamp;pid=blamp;srcid=ADGEESib28urstvYcKXGdKlbG0Z56vBa6geUZBlQO3eL STBAHAyGnlhFAfA1CI_9I_GgwH- UQbxLFWQbkVpNtusTQkpCitGxIX7jpYkHGjIXVGHOvBq1rLmwV0OGJASccRsBMs8HlU0

-amp;sig=AHIEtbRvaAy8axDw64bqNrp_aOCk_R_Ghgamp;pli=1 (page 2, third paragraph on the left column)

Question No: 20

How does Rational Insight help enable Performance Management for Software and Systems Development and Delivery?

  1. Better allocation of resources across the various tasks of a project.

  2. Analyze and strategically balance capital and resource allocations.

  3. Automates collection, measurement and analysis of real-time data to drive informed decision-making.

  4. Take advantage of the capabilities of the Jazz platform.

Answer: C

Reference: https://jazz.net/library/article/436/ (highlights, first bulleted point, page 1)

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