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IBM Rational DevOps Sales Mastery Test v1

Question No: 1

Rational Requirements Composer allows a business to improve its ability to Plan and Measure by facilitating which activity?

  1. providing an end-to-end view of customer feedback

  2. adapting to project scope changes more quickly

  3. coordinating the activities of multiple development teams

  4. providing the framework for software objectives and timelines

Answer: C

Explanation: * Coordinate your software development activities from business needs to system delivery. Rational collaborative lifecycle management provides real-time planning, lifecycle traceability, in-context collaboration, development intelligence and continuous process improvement.

  • Systems and software engineering teams to improve collaboration and project agility through concurrent editing, automated versioning and effective prioritization.

    Question No: 2

    In the context of DevOps, what is meant by the term quot;shift testing leftquot;?

    1. practice continuous integration

    2. help developers catch defects earlier

    3. automate testing and deployment.

    4. emphasize fast, short iterations

    Answer: B

    Explanation: Shift quality left: Technologies like service virtualization allow you to 鈥渕ock and stub鈥?dev and test environments, with enough realism and context to push development forward and shift testing left in the life cycle. Testing and adjusting for quality earlier in the process allows teams to deliver higher-quality applications with less risk.

    Question No: 3

    The Develop and Test entry point of DevOps supports the evolution of the business idea

    into a high quality software solution through which three practices?

    1. employing lean principles

    2. facilitating collaboration between stakeholders

    3. coordinating releases across all business units

    4. ensuring balance between quality and speed

    Answer: A,B,C Explanation: Develop / Test

    To be competitive, your entire software delivery team needs to rapidly turn business ideas into a high quality software solutions. Collaborative development and continuous testing enable the team to apply lean and agile principles to remove waste across the process and collaborate among all stakeholders so they can strike the optimal balance between quality and time to market.

    Question No: 4

    Which three foundational principles upon which DevOps is built take a holistic approach to DevOps?

    1. develop and test against production-like systems

    2. plan and deliver based on stated requirements

    3. deploy with repeatable reliable processes

    4. monitor and validate operational quality

    Answer: A,C,D Explanation: * Develop/Test

  • Deploy

  • Operate

    Question No: 5

    When a company implements the Plan and Measure entry point of IBM DevOps, the company is able to reduce costs and improve business agility through which two means?

    1. continuous application testing

    2. software-deployment automation or release-process management

    3. improved governance

    4. collaborative decision making

    Answer: C,D

    Explanation: C: Provide a governance model adapted to multi-supplier sourcing structure D: Rational Requirements Composer – Requirements management and definition using a collaborative approach, that enables stakeholders and IT teams anywhere in the world to provide input, gain clarity, better achieve consensus, and adapt to changes more quickly

    Question No: 6

    Which option contains a pair of terms that both are Application Lifecycle Management imperatives which improve organizational productivity?

    1. Real-time Traceability and In-context improvement

    2. Lifecycle Collaboration and Continuous Quality

    3. Development Intelligence and Continuous Improvement

    4. Continuous Planning and Full Stack Provisioning

    Answer: B

    Explanation: * Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC).

  • Continuous quality assurance and testing

Quality assurance (QA) and testing are full-lifecycle endeavors that are addressed throughout the entire software and systems lifecycle.

Question No: 7

IBM has used DevOps continuous software delivery to improve which offering?

  1. Collaborative Lifecycle Management

  2. Business Analytics

  3. IBM Cloud

  4. Enterprise Content Management

Answer: A

Explanation: To help its clients meet their requirements, the IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) development organization needed to accelerate its development to deliver new capabilities more frequently.


The group embraced DevOps principles and practices, transforming the way it developed software to help deliver higher value to its customers more frequently.

Question No: 8

In order to deliver an enhanced customer experience that is differentiated and engaging, DevOps can help a business do which critical task?

  1. accelerate key feature innovation

  2. obtain and respond to customer feedback

  3. increase the security of the customer experience

  4. optimize the performance of the client interface

Answer: B

Explanation: DevOps emphasizes feedback allowing the business to understand and respond to the needs of all customers, both internal and external. Shortening and amplifying feedback processes allows for corrections to be continually made, thus increasing quality.

Question No: 9

What are three key products under the Monitor and Optimize entry point of DevOps?

  1. Tealeaf

  2. IBM Digital Analytics

  3. Rational Focal Point

  4. SmartCloud Control Desk

Answer: A,B,D

Explanation: A: DevOps for Enterprise Systems include IBM Tealeaf which can be used to Improve via feedback from internal and external customers.

Tealeaf Customer Behavior Analysis solutions: Capture and manage website visitor interactions to delivering breakthrough visibility into your customer#39;s online experiences. B: Digital Analytics: Discover how the best performers achieve their successes through digital analytics and comparative benchmarks.

D: To support DevOps activities, you can optionally integrate SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5. SmartCloud Control Desk: Optimize and automate service management to help reduce costs and service disruptions.


Not C: IBM Rational Focal Point is a comprehensive portfolio planning solution in the DevOps Solution.

Question No: 10

Which IBM cloud services offering would be an integral part of a deployment solution that enhances cloud deployments, enabling dynamic cloud service delivery?

  1. SmartCloud Provisioning

  2. SmartCloud Continuous Delivery

  3. Service Delivery Manager

  4. SmartCloud Orchestrator

Answer: B

Explanation: IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery provides:

Continuous software delivery pipeline that automates build, deploy, and test to improve quality and drive faster time to market.

Integrated and collaborative DevOps platform to accelerate software delivery. Visibility and governance across delivery lifecycle to reduce release risks.

Integration with existing development and operations processes and tools to preserve current investments.

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