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IBM Cognos 10 BI Data Warehouse Developer

Question No: 21

When creating a Data Manager catalog which of the following must be specified? (choose two)

  1. IBM Cognos package name

  2. IBM Cognos content store name

  3. Location of .ctg file

  4. Database credentials

  5. Catalog name

Answer: D,E

Question No: 22

In the Dimension Build wizard, the developer has specified the schema type as quot;Star schema.quot; What will be the result of this selection?

  1. The dimension will be represented in a single table. Each level of the delivered hierarchy will be represented by one or more columns of this table.

  2. The dimension will be represented in a table that contains only the keys of all the levels of the delivered hierarchy. The descriptions of the higher levels will reside in other tables.

  3. The dimension will be represented by one table for each hierarchy level. Each table will have a foreign key to the level above.

  4. The dimension will be represented in a single table. Each row of this table will contain the ID of the member, together with the ID of its parent.

Answer: A

Question No: 23

Which of the following is true of a derivation that has been created in the transformation model?

  1. The derivation cannot be disabled once it has been added to the transformation model.

  2. The derivation can be added to a dimension build delivery.

  3. The derivation can be used to perform calculations in the SQL statement of a data source.

  4. The derivation can be added to a fact build delivery.

Answer: D

Question No: 24

A dimension table tracks employee data. If an employee#39;s phone number changes, the old phone number does not need to be kept. What kind of change is this?

  1. Type 3, non-standard

  2. Type 1

  3. Type 2

  4. Type 2, non-standard

Answer: B

Question No: 25

A fact build has been created that will extract data for all of Europe. All of the data will be delivered to fact tables. The developer wants to direct United Kingdom-specific data into its own fact table. What must be created on the fact delivery?

  1. Level filter

  2. Data source filter

  3. DataStream filter

  4. Output filter

Answer: D

Question No: 26

Which of the following tasks can be completed with the Dimension Build wizard?

  1. Adding a custom schema to use for the dimension tables.

  2. Specifying the folder in which the dimension build will be stored.

  3. Specifying surrogates and change tracking behaviors.

  4. Creating a connection to hold the dimension tables.

Answer: C

Question No: 27

A lookup has been created to enable translation of incoming currency values (such as the US dollar) into another currency (such as the Euro). If the incoming currency is not available through the lookup, what can be done to prevent the fact row from being rejected?

  1. Accept unmatched member identifiers.

  2. Create a derivation to insert a default value.

  3. Set the quot;value if nullquot; property on the table delivery.

  4. Create a derived dimension to create a default value.

Answer: A

Question No: 28

What can Data Manager be used for?

  1. To create a content store.

  2. To extract operational data from multiple sources.

  3. To create a metric store.

  4. To build an IBM Cognos Planning application.

Answer: B

Question No: 29

A developer wants to ensure that the business keys in incoming source data are replaced with surrogate keys in the fact tables. To do this, what must be modified?

  1. Hierarchy properties

  2. Template properties

  3. Fact build properties

  4. Connection properties

Answer: B

Question No: 30

A lookup has been created to enable translation of incoming currency values (such as the US dollar) into another currency (such as the Euro). What should be done?

  1. Reference the lookup in the properties of the affected dimension build(s).

  2. Create a measure dimension which references the conversion rate.

  3. Create a derivation which uses the reference atttributes of the lookup.

  4. Move the lookup to a fact build conversion map.

Answer: C

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