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IBM Cognos 10 BI Data Warehouse Developer

Question No: 31

A JobStream has been created that, when executed, will write status messages to the log file that indicate whether nodes have completed or failed to run. What type of node should be added to the JobStream?

  1. Alert

  2. Condition

  3. Procedure

  4. Email

Answer: C

Question No: 32

Which of the following is true of conformed dimensions? (choose two)

  1. Conformed dimensions are created using the Fact Build wizard.

  2. A conformed dimension uses surrogate keys.

  3. A conformed dimension is specific to a single fact table.

  4. Conformed dimensions are created using the Hierarchy wizard.

  5. A conformed dimension is used by multiple fact tables.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 33

A developer has created a hierarchy that uses multiple data sources. The developer wants to know if there are multiple parents or children without parents. What tool should the administrator use?

  1. Navigator

  2. SQLTXT Designer

  3. SQLTerm

  4. Reference Explorer

  5. Hierachy wizard

Answer: D

Question No: 34

What is a difference between a measure element and an attribute element?

  1. Attribute values can be aggregated by Data Manager, while measure values cannot.

  2. Measure values can be merged by Data Manager, while attribute values cannot.

  3. Attribute values can be merged by Data Manager, while measure values cannot.

  4. Measure values can be aggregated by Data Manager, while attribute values cannot.

Answer: D

Question No: 35

Incoming records show the number of drink packs sold by date. This information is referenced by lookups. Each drink pack contains two or more individual drinks. The developer wants to add a column to the fact table that shows how many individual drinks have been sold, not how many drink packs have been sold. What should be created to

accomplish this?

  1. DataStream derivation

  2. Data source derivation

  3. Derived measure

  4. Derived dimension

Answer: D

Question No: 36

A developer wants to be able to re-use a gross profit calculation in multiple builds. What should be created?

  1. Derived dimension

  2. User-defined function

  3. Derivation

  4. Measure

  5. Attribute

Answer: B

Question No: 37

During execution, a fact build generated the following messages in the log file:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What can be done to avoid seeing the last three lines when the build is executed again?

  1. Increase the initial size of the hash table.

  2. Decrease the size of the page pool.

  3. Disable audit logging.

  4. Increase the amount of working memory (in megabytes).

Answer: A

Question No: 38

A fact build has two data sources that need to undergo the same calculation for every input row, and the data will be merged. Where should the derivation be created?

  1. In the DataStream.

  2. In each data source.

  3. In the transformation model.

  4. In the output filter.

Answer: A

Question No: 39

When creating a lookup, what must be specified?

  1. Derivation

  2. Metadata dimension

  3. Template

  4. Derived dimension

Answer: C

Question No: 40

A developer is attempting to test a derivation.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

In the Input values section, what does the cross symbol beside Price indicate?

  1. No value has yet been defined for Price in the Output values section.

  2. The option in the Top box should be set to Price.

  3. The option in the Immediate box should be set to Price.

  4. A definition for Price has not been found.

Answer: D

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