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IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3

Question No: 1

You are managing a marketing campaign and experience poor performance for large sections of your data.

Which approach is a correct method to improve your campaign performance?

  1. Restructure the data and use the new fields as inputs to a time series model.

  2. Move the nodes into a SuperNode to take advantage of the special clustering methods available within SuperNode functionality.

  3. Cluster the data into subgroups to differentiate the campaign#39;s predictions by those subgroups represented within the data.

  4. Transpose the data to use the rows as columns in a new predictive model.

Answer: B


http://www- 01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS3RA7_15.0.0/com.ibm.spss.modeler.help/carman ode_general.htm

Question No: 2

Which two modeling techniques handle both categorical and continuous target variables? (Choose two.)

  1. QUEST

  2. CHAID

  3. C5.0

  4. C amp; R Tree

Answer: B,C

Question No: 3

You are attempting to flag outliers in a data set across multiple fields.

In IBM SPSS Modeler Professional, what would be the appropriate node to use?

  1. COX

  2. PCA/Factor

  3. Anomaly

  4. Apriori

Answer: B

Explanation: Regerence: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/software/analytics/spss/documentation/modeler/14.2/en/Modeling Nodes.pdf

Question No: 4

A telecommunication company wants to predict their customers#39; purchase decisions from four service options (categorical value).

Using IBM SPSS Modeler Professional, which modeling node should be used?

  1. Linear

  2. Logistic

  3. SuperNode

  4. Regression

Answer: D

Question No: 5

Your analysis requires you to export data in a tab delimited file.

Which export node will you use to accomplish this task in IBM SPSS Modeler Professional?

  1. Flat File

  2. XML Export

  3. Statistics Export

  4. Excel

Answer: C

Question No: 6

You want to obtain a subset of data from a larger data set,with equally represented subgroups within thesubset.

Which node would you use to accomplish this task?

  1. Analysis node

  2. Partition node

  3. Ensemble node

  4. Sample node

Answer: D

Question No: 7

You have designed a model predicting the goals scored for each player in the World Cup and now want to evaluate the model using held-out scoring data.

Which node is designed to produce this actual vs. predicted model evaluation?

  1. Means

  2. Apriori

  3. Statistics

  4. Analysis

Answer: D

Question No: 8

Which statement is true about association models?

  1. Association models associate a particular conclusion, such as the decision to buy something with a set of conditions.

  2. The Regression node can directly generate an association model.

  3. TheApriori node does not require one or more target (consequent) fields to build an association model.

  4. TheCarma node requires both one or more input fields and one or more target (consequent) fields to build an association model.

Answer: D


http://www- 01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SS3RA7_15.0.0/com.ibm.spss.modeler.help/carman ode_general.htm

Question No: 9

When using IBM SPSS Modeler Professional, you want to organize your streams, annotations, stream output, and results within the interface.

Which two tabs within Modeler will allow you to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

  1. Favorites


  3. Classes

  4. Models

Answer: B,D

Question No: 10

What is a type of SuperNode within IBM SPSS Modeler Professional?

  1. Terminal

  2. Output

  3. Import

  4. Classification

Answer: D


ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/analytics/spss/documentation/modeler/16.0/en/modeler_ nodes_general.pdf

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