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Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions

Question No: 191

Which three personas can a Cisco ISE assume in a deployment? (Choose three.)

  1. connection

  2. authentication

  3. administration

  4. testing

  5. policy service

  6. monitoring

Answer: C,E,F

Question No: 192

The NAC Agent uses which port and protocol to send discovery packets to an ISE Policy Service Node?

  1. tcp/8905

  2. udp/8905

  3. http/80

  4. https/443

Answer: A Explanation:

http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/ise/2- 0/installation_guide/b_ise_InstallationGuide20/ Cisco_SNS_3400_Series_Appliance_Ports_Reference.html

Question No: 193

A user reports that a switch#39;s RADIUS accounting packets are not being seen on the Cisco ISE server Which command is the user missing in the switch#39;s configuration?

  1. radius-server vsa send accounting

  2. aaa accounting network default start-stop group radius

  3. aaa accounting resource default start-stop group radius

  4. aaa accounting exec default start-stop group radius

Answer: A

Question No: 194

Which two portals can be configured to use portal FQDN? (Choose two.)

  1. admin

  2. sponsor

  3. guest

  4. my devices

  5. monitoring and troubleshooting

Answer: B,D

Question No: 195

What type of identity group is the Blacklist identity group?

  1. endpoint

  2. user

  3. blackhole

  4. quarantine

  5. denied systems

Answer: A

Question No: 196

When using a DHCP probe in a Cisco ISE deployment, which type of request triggers an endpoint to be reprofiled?

  1. DHCP Inform




Answer: D

Question No: 197

What is a required step when you deploy dynamic VLAN and ACL assignments?

  1. Configure the VLAN assignment.

  2. Configure the ACL assignment.

  3. Configure Cisco IOS Software 802.1X authenticator authorization.

  4. Configure the Cisco IOS Software switch for ACL assignment.

Answer: C

Question No: 198

What user rights does an account need to join ISE to a Microsoft Active Directory domain?

  1. Create and Delete Computer Objects

  2. Domain Admin

  3. Join and Leave Domain

  4. Create and Delete User Objects

Answer: A

Question No: 199

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

You are configuring permissions for a new Cisco ISE standard authorization profile. If you

configure the Tunnel-Private-Group-ID attribute as shown, what does the value 123 represent?

  1. the VLAN ID

  2. the VRF ID

  3. the tunnel ID

  4. the group ID

Answer: A

Question No: 200

What endpoint operating system provides native support for the SPW?

  1. Apple iOS

  2. Android OS

  3. Windows 8

  4. Mac OS X

Answer: A

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