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IBM Sametime 9.0 Administration

Question No: 31

When would an IBM Sametime administrator need to deploy an IBM WebSphere Proxy Server with a deployed SIP Proxy Server?

  1. When building an IBM DB2 cluster

  2. when building a Sametime Gateway cluster

  3. when building a Sametime Community cluster

  4. when building more then one Sametime MUX in the same data center

Answer: C


http://www- 01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSKTXQ_9.0.0/admin/plan/plan_high_availability_an d_failover_deployments.html

Question No: 32

If an executive complains that the video resolution is too small, where in the Sametime System Console would an administrator resolve this issue?

  1. Policy configuration page

  2. Video MCU configuration page

  3. Video Manager configuration page

  4. Conference Manager configuration page

Answer: C

Question No: 33

There are two types of sessions in IBM Sametime Gateway server which are important when monitoring the health of the server. One is instant messaging sessions.

What other session is important to monitor?

  1. Group

  2. Concurrent

  3. Subscription

  4. Screen Share

Answer: B

Question No: 34

Meshack is installing an IBM Sametime Gateway server. He has to create database tables and schema on an IBM DB2 machine called STGW as part of the install tasks.

What must Meshack do before proceeding with additional install tasks?

  1. He must create a DB2 database called STgateway before proceeding with creation of tables and schema.

  2. He must ensure that the database name and the machine name on which DB2 has been installed are the same, otherwise the install will fail.

  3. He must change the name of the database in the database creation script since the default database name, STGW, cannot be the same as the machine name.

  4. He must change the machine name on which DB2 is installed to a fully

  5. He must change the machine name on which DB2 is installed to a fully qualified name STGW.renovations.com before proceeding with creation of tables and schema.

Answer: A

Question No: 35

A part of IBM Sametime Unified Telephony includes asoftphone. What is a softphone?

  1. VoIP application that runs on a server

  2. SIP application that runs on a workstation

  3. H.323 application that runs on a workstation

  4. A smart phone with the Sametime application installed

Answer: D

Question No: 36

What setting can be used to set the maximum numbers of members an IBM Sametime Community Server will be allowed to support in public groups?





Answer: B

Question No: 37

Luis is considering the deployment options before installing the IBM Sametime Video Multipoint Control Unit(MCU).

Which option is valid?

  1. Only one MCU can be deployed.

  2. Sametime Video MCU is an RPM install and cannot be clustered.

  3. MCUs must be managed via a separate WebSphere Deployment Manager.

  4. Multiple MCUs can be installed on the same hardware as they are only used to control the quality of the audio and video.

Answer: C

Question No: 38

What does the communityconfig.txt file in the Trace directory in the IBM Domino Program

directory log?

  1. It logs the configuration changes made to the IBM Sametime Community Server.

  2. It logs the connections made to other IBM Sametime Community Servers in the community.

  3. It logs the user logins and logouts of all users connecting to the Sametime Community Server.

  4. It logs the client ID#39;s and IP addresses of all clients connecting to the Sametime Community Server.

Answer: B

Question No: 39

In which log file can the application version and build for the Sametime Proxy and the Sametime System Console be found?

  1. lt;STSCAppProfilegt;\Jogs\STConsoleServer\traceJog

  2. lt;STSCAppProfilegt;\Jogs\STCfensoleServer\SystemOutJog

  3. lt;STProxyServerNamePNProfile1gt;\Jogs\nodeagent\trace.log

  4. lt;STProxyServerNamePNProfile1gt;\Jogs\STProxyServer\SystemOut.log

Answer: D

Question No: 40

Which operating system supports the IBM Sametime Proxy 9.0 Server?

  1. Windows Server 2003

  2. Windows Server 2008

  3. IBM i 5.4 POWER System

  4. RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 5.1

Answer: B

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