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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics

Question No: 21

You need to create a purchase agreement between your company and a supplier. The agreement will give you a 10 percent discount automatically on an item, after you purchase

$10,000 US dollars#39; worth of that Item during a 12 month period. Which Default commitment type should you use?

  1. Product quantity commitment

  2. Value commitment

  3. Product value commitment

  4. Product category value commitment

Answer: C

Explanation: There are four types of commitments:

Product quantity commitment – You purchase a specific quantity of a product. Product value commitment – You purchase a specific currency amount of a product. Product category value commitment – You purchase a specific currency amount in a procurement category. The amount can be for a catalog item or a non-catalog item.

Value commitment – You purchase a specific currency amount of any product or in any procurement category.

Question No: 22

You need to identify the minimum number of warehouses that must exist before you can create a transfer order?

How many should you identify?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

Answer: B

Explanation: You use transfer orders to handle items that are in transit between warehouses within the same company, but across different geographical sites. You can manage transfer orders from the Transfer orders form.

The shipping point and the receiving point are always of the Warehouse type.

Question No: 23

You plan to create a sales order for an item.

Currently, you do not have the item on hand, but you have a purchase order for the item. You need to ensure that the item can be reserved against the purchase order.

What should you do?

  1. From the Accounts payable parameters form, set Reservation to Automatic.

  2. From the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form, select Reserve items automatically.

  3. From the Accounts receivable parameters form, set Reservation to Automatic.

  4. From the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form, select Reserve ordered items.

Answer: D

Explanation: Inventory and warehouse management parameters (form) [AX 2012] Field:Reserve ordered items

Select this check box to reserve item receipts that are ordered against item issues in Accounts receivable, Project management and accounting, and Production control. If you clear this check box, you can reserve only items that have been physically received.

Question No: 24

You have a bill of materials (BOM) item. All lines of the BOM item use a constant scrap amount and a variable consumption. You identify that when you have a production run of 100 items, the scrap cost is 10 US dollars and the unit cost is one US dollar.

You need to identify what will be the cost in the BOM calculation when you increase the size of production to 200 units.

Which cost should you identify?

  1. 2,100 US dollars

  2. 210 US dollars

  3. 220 US dollars

  4. 2,200 US dollars

Answer: C

Explanation: 200* (1 0.10) = 220


Waste that occurs during the manufacturing process. Scrap can occur from mistakes in measuring, as well as from leftover pieces due to trimming or other processes. For example, if a finished good requires 6 cm of wire, you may expect that you will have to scrap 1 cm of the wire for every 6 cm that you use because of splicing.

Question No: 25

You plan to report a bill of materials (BOM) as finished.

You need to ensure that when you report the BOM as finished, the following occurs:

->Component items from the BOM are reported as finished.

->Component items from the sub-BOMs that are currently on-hand are reported as finished.

What should you set?

  1. The Reservation field to Automatic

  2. The Explosion option to Always

  3. The Explosion option to Shortage

  4. The Reservation field to Explosion

Answer: C

Explanation: The “explosion” parameter defines how AX will consume the on hand inventory of the components.

*Shortage: Sub BOMs are only exploded if there is insufficient on hand inventory. If there is a partial quantity of the Sub BOM available, AX will only explode the component quantities of the Sub BOM, for the difference.

*Never: The Sub BOM is never exploded if there is a component shortage

*Always: The Sub BOM is always exploded, and any free on hand inventory of the Sub BOM is never consumed

Question No: 26

You plan to set up a commission structure in Dynamics AX. You need to configure the groups for commission calculations.

Which three types of groups should you configure? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  1. Item groups

  2. Commission customer groups

  3. Sales groups

  4. Item discount groups

  5. Campaign groups

Answer: A,B,C

Explanation: *Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Sales Commission offers the following flexibility:

Customers – You can define a sales commission arrangement for a group of customers, for a specific customer, or for all customers.

Products – You can define a sales commission arrangement for a group of products, for a specific product, or for all products.

Salespersons – You can define a sales commission arrangement for a group of salespersons or all salespersons, and apply a commission split among the individual salespersons within the specific group of salespersons.

Question No: 27

You need to register a pallet controlled item.

What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  1. Complete a pallet transport.

  2. Post an arrival journal.

  3. Use the Direct registration function on the Arrival overview form.

  4. Use the registration function on the order line.

Answer: A,B


At this point the inventory will be located at the inbound dock and with a pallet transport on the system awaiting a warehouse worker to put away. Therefore then next step is to pick up and process the pallet transport.

->Navigate to Inventory and warehouse management gt; Common gt; Pallet transports

->In this screen you should find the pallet transports required to put your stock away

->Select the line you would like to put away and click ‘Start transport’

->You can select the work who will then process this transaction etc… Click OK in this screen

->At this point the transport will be in a status of ‘Started’ you can complete the transport if the location is as expected, if not you can always use the ‘Change destination location’ function to amend the put away location.

->Clicking Complete transport will physically move the stock from the Inbound location to the destination location in a status of ‘Registered

B:Select the journal line, and click Functions gt; Pallet ID to assign a pallet to the item and post the item arrival journal.

Open Inventory and warehouse management gt; Setup gt; Journal names, warehouse management

Create a new Item arrival and select confirm that the following parameters are ticked:

Question No: 28

You create a new product that has a bill of materials (BOM).

You add several lines to the BOM. Some of the lines are items. Some of the lines represent a sub-assembly.

You set the line type for one of the sub-assembly lines to Vendor. In this situation, what does the Vendor line type indicate?

  1. The sub-assembly contains several items supplied by one vendor.

  2. The sub-assembly is produced from BOM components at your company.

  3. The sub-assembly is produced by an external partner, but the inventory sub-assemblies are delivered to your warehouse.

  4. The sub-assembly is produced by a subcontractor but the sub-assembly components are provided from your warehouse to the subcontractor.

Answer: C

Explanation: *Complex BOM – Car – Made up of hundreds of components and BOMs. It is possible to have BOMs within a BOM. This is usually referred to as a sub-assembly or sub- BOM. When a bill of materials has several layers of BOMs nested within it, it is referred to as having multiple layers.

An example of a multi-layer BOM: Carburetor BOM within Engine BOM within Automobile BOM.


A person or company providing goods orservices in return for payment.


Any component on a bill of materials that has a bill with components assigned to it. For

example, a motherboard could be considered a subassembly for a computer because the motherboard is comprised of EPROMs, RAM, a processor, and other components

Question No: 29

You create a new product change case for a bill of materials (BOM).

You need to identify which actions are available for the entity associated to the new case.

Which three actions should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  1. Print

  2. Activate

  3. Expire

  4. Approve

  5. Calculate

Answer: A,C,D

Explanation: *Approvals and validations are available for product change cases, so that you can manage the release of changed BOMs, formulas, and routes to planning and production processes.

*You can approve, activate, and expire the entities that are associated with a case

Question No: 30

You need to create a new automatic charge.

You open the Auto charges form and you create a new line. Which field requires a value?

  1. Charges code

  2. Item charge group

  3. Charges value

  4. Vendor charges group

Answer: A

Explanation: Field:Charges code

Select one of the charges that are defined in the Charges code form.


Not B, not D: No fields Item charge grouporVendor charges group.

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