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Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure for Account Managers

Question No: 11

Which option is often an advantage of quot;selling higherquot; when moving from operations level to management and executive levels?

  1. Create business initiatives.

  2. Manage executive expectations.

  3. Influence corporate vision and strategy.

  4. Uncover opportunities earlier in the business cycle.

Answer: D

Question No: 12

What is OpenFlow?

  1. A protocol

  2. An infrastructure management software

  3. An application acceleration solution

  4. A new approach to big data analytics

Answer: A

Question No: 13

Which statement about the ACI programmability is true?

  1. The ACI is programmable with a Cisco mobile app.

  2. The ACI is programmable with Cisco add-on API bundle.

  3. The ACI is programmable with Cisco proprietary API.

  4. The ACI is programmable with open API using industry-standard methods

Answer: D

Question No: 14

Which customer initiative often leads to an ACI sales opportunity?

  1. Storage consolidation

  2. Network replacement or upgrade

  3. Business process outsourcing

  4. Security assessment

Answer: B

Question No: 15

Which aspect of an application often becomes negatively impacted by infrastructure complexity?

  1. Application deployment time

  2. Application monitoring

  3. Application reporting

  4. Application backup

Answer: A

Question No: 16

Which statement about the Cisco APIC is true?

  1. It stores the application network profile

  2. It stores the storage network profile

  3. It provides a physical connectivity port to a legacy network

  4. It provides a test environment for applications

Answer: A

Question No: 17

Which statement about the BiDi optics for 40G connection is true?

  1. BiDi optics is an industry standard and is supported in all 40G solutions.

  2. BiDi optics are build into the Cisco Nexus 9300 Switch, while eliminates the cost for separate optics.

  3. BiDi optics support 40G on low-cost copper cables.

  4. BiDi optics support 40G on existing 10G MMF cables in the data center, which often eliminates the cost to rewire.

Answer: D

Question No: 18

What is a Cisco Nexus 9500 Series Switch?

  1. An all-in-one SDN solution

  2. A modular switch

  3. A fixed top-of-rack switch

  4. A virtual software switch

Answer: B

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/switches/nexus-9000-series-

switches/white-paper-c11-729987.html (see the first paragraph on the page)

Question No: 19

What is driving customer interests in SDN?

  1. Return on investment

  2. Programmability/ automation

  3. Application bandwidth

  4. Security compliance

  5. Big data analytics

Answer: B

Question No: 20

Which statement about the Cisco APIC is true?

  1. It stores policies.

  2. It provides a physical connectivity port to a legacy network

  3. It provides a test environment for applications.

  4. It stores the storage network profile.

Answer: A

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/data-center- virtualization/unified-fabric/white-paper-c11-730021.html (first para)

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