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IBM Case Manager V5.1

Question No: 41 – (Topic 1)

Case ID is the unique identifier for a case in ICM. Which statement is true?

  1. The Case ID cannot be modified.

  2. The Case ID can only be appended with additional values.

  3. The entire Case ID can be overwritten to display a new value to the case worker.

  4. Only the Case ID prefix can be modified by assigning a case property as the Case Title Property.

Answer: C

Question No: 42 – (Topic 1)

A case worker would like to send an instant announcement to other case workers in the IBM Case Manager environment. How can this be done?

  1. By adding a comment to the case.

  2. By using the external email system.

  3. By using the IBM Sametime integrated feature.

  4. By creating a case with the announcement as a property.

Answer: C

Question No: 43 – (Topic 1)

When creating a new solution from a template, how long should the new solution name be?

  1. Any length

  2. Less than 58 characters

  3. Less than 999 characters

  4. Greater than 8 characters

Answer: B

Question No: 44 – (Topic 1)

While designing tasks within a given case, you need to determine how best to organize them. You have discovered through requirements that a number of these tasks are related. This relationship is that only one of these can be executed within a case. What option within Case Builder shows this relationship?

  1. All Inclusive Set

  2. Mutually-Exclusive Set

  3. Manual task with pre-conditions

  4. Required task with pre-conditions

Answer: B

Question No: 45 – (Topic 1)

How do custom actions added in the Case Toolbar appear?

  1. As individual buttons.

  2. As a quot;More Actionsquot; button.

  3. As hyperlinks to each action.

  4. As a single button with a configurable name/title.

Answer: B

Question No: 46 – (Topic 1)

Which two components are optional add-on licenses with the IBM Case Manager core product offering? (Choose two.)

  1. IBM Forms

  2. IBM Case Analyzer

  3. IBM FileNet eForms

  4. Content Search Services

  5. WebSphere Process Server

Answer: A,E

Question No: 47 – (Topic 1)

What is the recommended way to add a Work Detail page?

  1. Add the page in Case Builder by duplicating another page.

  2. Add the page in Case Client and customize with new functionality.

  3. Create the new page in Case Manager client and then associate it in Case Builder.

  4. Create the new page in Case Manager client by duplicating a page and then associate it in Case Builder.

Answer: D

Question No: 48 – (Topic 1)

Designing, orchestrating, authoring, deploying and integrating are the five basic stages in adding iLog rules to an IBM Case Manager solution using which product?

  1. Rules Studio

  2. Case Builder

  3. Content Collector

  4. Rules Execution Server

Answer: A

Question No: 49 – (Topic 1)

A solution designer is given the following reporting requirements for an ICM solution. 1. An external application would like to generate a report of all ICM task objects for cases. 2. The external application would like to use a REST based API to integrate with ICM. Which API should the solution designer recommend?

  1. Process Engine REST API (P8BPMREST)

  2. Process Engine Web Services API (PEWS)

  3. IBM Case Manager REST API (CASEREST)

  4. IBM Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) for FileNet Content Engine

Answer: C

Question No: 50 – (Topic 1)

A customer is looking for assistance in determining a backup strategy. Which statement is true regarding backup of the ICM solution?

  1. A Hot Backup can be performed if the operating system is AIX.

  2. A Hot Backup cannot be performed because Business Space prevents it.

  3. A Hot Backup cannot be performed because of the difficulties of ensuring in-flight transactions.

  4. A Hot Backup can be performed because ICM provides additional features to permit this process.

Answer: C

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