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IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2, Specialist

Question No: 71 – (Topic 2)

When you delete a storage area, which of the following two conditions apply? (choose two.)

  1. All storage policies using the storage area are also removed.

  2. The storage area is no longer available to the Content Engine.

  3. The directories and files for the storage area are automatically deleted.

  4. The storage area can only be deleted once no classes list this in their storage policy.

  5. Document classes that do not have an alternate storage area are automatically deleted.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 72 – (Topic 2)

A Content Platform Engine is reporting authentication errors in the trace logs. What should the system administrator first be concerned with?

  1. Single Sign On (SSO)

  2. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

  3. Web Service Extensible Authentication Framework

  4. The Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)

Answer: D

Question No: 73 – (Topic 2)

How can you optimize performance for large content uploads and downloads in a Content Engine (CE) server farm?

  1. Take advantage of file store replication.

  2. Increase the size of your upload and download directories.

  3. Specifying a server affinity setting in the CE client application.

  4. Adjust your load balancer to use all the CE servers in the Farm.

Answer: C

Question No: 74 – (Topic 2)

What middleware software needs to be installed prior to using the Composite Platform Installation Tool?

  1. Database

  2. Content Engine

  3. Application Server

  4. It requires no middleware software

Answer: D

Question No: 75 – (Topic 2)

FileNet Process Engine allows you to tie XML web services interfaces into end-to-end processes, which can include and combine internal (front and back office) and external (partner or customer) processes. What is this known as?

  1. Rules Integration

  2. Process Simulation

  3. Component Integrator

  4. Process Orchestration

Answer: D

Question No: 76 – (Topic 2)

While executing the Configure LDAP Task in the Configuration Manager tool, the specialist will test the connection.

If the test connection fails, which two would the specialist troubleshoot?

  1. Verify the JDBC datasource.

  2. Verify the LDAP port number.

  3. Verify your current active registry is set.

  4. Verify the fully qualified distinguished name.

  5. Verify the Federated Repository has been created.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 77 – (Topic 2)

The security administrator has created the Content Engine service user account and provided you the following ldif export information for the user:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

When running the Configure Local Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) task using the Content Engine Configuration Manager tool, what value should you use for the directory

service bind user name field?

  1. ceServiceUser

  2. uid=ceServiceUser

  3. ceServiceUser.users.p8.ibmtest

  4. uid=ceServiceUser,ou=users,cn=p8,o=ibmtest

Answer: D

Question No: 78 – (Topic 2)

What protocol does FileNet Enterprise Manager use to communicate to the Content Engine?

  1. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

  2. Java API over the web services (HTTP) interface.

  3. .NET API over the web services (HTTP) interface.

  4. Java API over Internet Inter Operable Protocol (IIOP).

Answer: C

Question No: 79 – (Topic 2)

For a new Content Engine server, what tasks must be completed by a database administrator in the database prior to installing and configuring the Content Engine software?

  1. Create the GCD and objectstore databases.

  2. Create the GCD and objectstore database user accounts.

  3. Create the GCD and objectstore databases and database user accounts.

  4. Create the GCD and objectstore databases, data sources and database user accounts.

Answer: C

Question No: 80 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following identifies all of the available source-destination pair data maps?

  1. Property map, service map and user security map.

  2. Domain map, property map and user security map.

  3. Domain map, object store map and security principal map.

  4. Object store map, security principal map and service map.

Answer: D

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