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CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0)

Question No: 151 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

According to the routing table, where will the router send a packet destined for





Answer: C Explanation:

The destination IP address belongs to, amp; subnets but the “longest prefix match” algorithm will choose the most specific subnet mask

-gt; the prefix “/29 will be chosen to route the packet. Therefore the next-hop should be -gt;.

Question No: 152 – (Topic 3)

Users on the network cannot reach the server located on the network. The network administrator connected to router Coffee via the console port, issued the show ip route command, and was able to ping the server.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Based on the output of the show ip route command and the topology shown in the graphic, what is the cause of the failure?

  1. The network has not fully converged.

  2. IP routing is not enabled.

  3. A static route is configured incorrectly.

  4. The FastEthernet interface on Coffee is disabled.

  5. The neighbor relationship table is not correctly updated.

  6. The routing table on Coffee has not updated.

Answer: C Explanation:

The default route or the static route was configured with incorrect next-hop ip address The correct IP address will be to reach server located on network. IP route

Question No: 153 – (Topic 3)

Which commands are required to properly configure a router to run OSPF and to add network to OSPF area 0? (Choose two.)

  1. Router(config)# router ospf 0

  2. Router(config)# router ospf 1

  3. Router(config)# router ospf area 0

  4. Router(config-router)# network 0

  5. Router(config-router)# network area 0

  6. Router(config-router)# network area 0

Answer: B,E Explanation:

In the router ospf command, the ranges from 1 to 65535 so o is an invalid number -gt; but To configure OSPF, we need a wildcard in the “network” statement, not a subnet mask. We also need to assgin an area to this process -gt;.

Question No: 154 – (Topic 3)

The network administrator cannot connect to Switch1 over a Telnet session, although the hosts attached to Switch1 can ping the interface Fa0/0 of the router.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Given the information in the graphic and assuming that the router and Switch2 are configured properly, which of the following commands should be issued on Switch1 to correct this problem?

  1. Switch1(config)# line con0 Switch1(config-line)# password cisco Switch1(config-line)#login

  2. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1

    Switch1(config-if)# ip address

  3. Switch1(config)# ip default-gateway

  4. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1 Switch1(config-if)# duplex full

    Switch1(config-if)# speed 100

  5. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1 Switch1(config-if)# switchport mode trunk

Answer: C Explanation:

Since we know hosts can reach the router through the switch, we know that connectivity, duplex. Speed, etc. are good. However, for the switch itself to reach networks outside the local one, the ip default-gateway command must be used.

Question No: 155 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

When running EIGRP, what is required for RouterA to exchange routing updates with RouterC?

  1. AS numbers must be changed to match on all the routers

  2. Loopback interfaces must be configured so a DR is elected

  3. The no auto-summary command is needed on Router A and Router C

  4. Router B needs to have two network statements, one for each connected network

    Answer: A Explanation:

    This question is to examine the understanding of the interaction between EIGRP routers. The following information must be matched so as to create neighborhood.

    EIGRP routers to establish, must match the following information:

    1. AS Number;

    2. K value.

      Question No: 156 – (Topic 3)

      Refer to the exhibit.

      Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

      What is the meaning of the output MTU 1500 bytes?

      1. The maximum number of bytes that can traverse this interface per second is 1500.

      2. The minimum segment size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

      3. The maximum segment size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

      4. The minimum packet size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

      5. The maximum packet size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

      6. The maximum frame size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

Answer: E Explanation:

The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) defines the maximum Layer 3 packet (in bytes) that can be transmitted out the interface.

Question No: 157 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which of these statements correctly describes the state of the switch once the boot process has been completed?

  1. As FastEthernet0/12 will be the last to come up, it will be blocked by STP.

  2. Remote access management of this switch will not be possible without configuration change.

  3. More VLANs will need to be created for this switch.

  4. The switch will need a different IOS code in order to support VLANs and STP.

Answer: B Explanation:

Notice the line, which says “Interface VLAN1, changed state to administratively down”. This shows that VLAN1 is shut down. Hence remote management of this switch is not possible unless VLAN1 is brought back up. Since VLAN1 is the only interface shown in the output, you have to assume that no other VLAN interface has been configured with an IP Address.

Question No: 158 – (Topic 3)

A router has learned three possible routes that could be used to reach a destination network. One route is from EIGRP and has a composite metric of 20514560. Another route is from OSPF with a metric of 782. The last is from RIPv2 and has a metric of 4. Which route or routes will the router install in the routing table?

  1. the OSPF route

  2. the EIGRP route

  3. the RIPv2 route

  4. all three routes

  5. the OSPF and RIPv2 routes

Answer: B Explanation:

When one route is advertised by more than one routing protocol, the router will choose to use the routing protocol which has lowest Administrative Distance. The Administrative Distances of popular routing protocols are listed below:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Question No: 159 – (Topic 3)

What two things will a router do when running a distance vector routing protocol? (Choose two.)

  1. Send periodic updates regardless of topology changes.

  2. Send entire routing table to all routers in the routing domain.

  3. Use the shortest-path algorithm to the determine best path.

  4. Update the routing table based on updates from their neighbors.

  5. Maintain the topology of the entire network in its database.

Answer: A,D Explanation:

Distance means how far and Vector means in which direction. Distance Vector routing protocols pass periodic copies of routing table to neighbor routers and accumulate distance vectors. In distance vector routing protocols, routers discover the best path to destination from each neighbor. The routing updates proceed step by step from router to router.

Question No: 160 – (Topic 3)

Which two are advantages of static routing when compared to dynamic routing? (Choose two.)

  1. Configuration complexity decreases as network size increases.

  2. Security increases because only the network administrator may change the routing table.

  3. Route summarization is computed automatically by the router.

  4. Routing tables adapt automatically to topology changes.

  5. An efficient algorithm is used to build routing tables, using automatic updates.

  6. Routing updates are automatically sent to neighbors.

  7. Routing traffic load is reduced when used in stub network links.

Answer: B,G Explanation:

Since static routing is a manual process, it can be argued that it is more secure (and more prone to human errors) since the network administrator will need to make changes to the routing table directly. Also, in stub networks where there is only a single uplink connection, the load is reduced as stub routers just need a single static default route, instead of many routes that all have the same next hop IP address.

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