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On an IP phone line appearance, for which two purposes is the Display parameter designed to be used? (Choose two.)


A.      display a number other than the directory number of the IP phone

B.      display a name instead of the directory number of the IP phone

C.      internal caller ID

D.      external caller ID

E.       full directory number ID for outgoing calls


Correct Answer: BC




Users report that when they press the Messages button on their phones, they often get a busy tone. Which option can rectify this issue?


A.      Disable the Callers Can Edit Messages check box under the Message settings

B.      The CSS for the phones does not contain the voice-mail port partitions

C.      The CSS for the phone does not contain the voice-mail pilot partition.

D.      Precede all Cisco Unity Connection greetings to announce that each message is limited to 90 seconds long to free up voice-mail ports.


Correct Answer: D


Which user parameter is used as a password when connecting through the telephony user interface?


A.      PIN

B.      Passphrase

C.      PassKey

D.      Key ID


Correct Answer: A




Which Cisco Unified Personal Communicator mode should you use when connecting via an existing IP phone?


A.      office mode

B.      deskphone mode

C.      softphone mode

D.      IP phone mode


Correct Answer: B




Which license capability must be enabled for Cisco Unified Presence to work with a specific user?


A.      Enable Cisco Unified Presence

B.      Enable Cisco Unified Presence Server

C.      Enable Cisco Unified Presence Communicator

D.      Enable Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol


Correct Answer: A




Which web-based tool is used to access Cisco Unified Communications Manager CDR Analysis and Reporting?


A.      Cisco Unified CDR Administration

B.      Cisco Unified CM Administration

C.      Cisco Unified Reporting

D.      Cisco Unified Serviceability

Correct Answer: D




When generating QoS reports in the CAR tool, what two parameters are valid for report generation? (Choose two.)


A.      route lists

B.      route patterns/hunt pilots

C.      route groups

D.      gateway types

E.       partitions

F.       IP phone directory numbers


Correct Answer: BD




Refer to the exhibit. The user of IP phone A has opened a trouble ticket stating that he cannot call IP phone B. Where is the best place to start troubleshooting this issue?




A.      IP phone B

B.      the Cisco Unified Communication Manager system in site A

C.      IP phone A

D.      lP phone A user

E.       the local VoIP voice gateway of IP phone B

F.       IP phone B user


Correct Answer: D




Which three characteristics are associated with data?


A.      Greedy

B.      TCP retransmits

C.      UDP priority

D.      delay sensitive

E.       drop insensitive

F.       benign

G.      benign or greedy.


Correct Answer: BEG




Which command is useful to see if network layer information is being received at a PSTN gateway?


A.      show gateway status

B.      show isdn q931

C.      show ccm-manager status

D.      show isdn status

E.       show isdn q921


Correct Answer: D



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